About Welum


WE = We care and share together


LUM = Luminous and conscious


WELUM on 'CONSCIOUS' - To be aware of an environment in which you operate, whether the environment is mental, spiritual, sustainable, ecological, wellness, mindful etc.

WELUM is an International publication that strives to entertain and inform readers from a conscious mindset. Based in Denmark, WELUM features writers around the world. Subsections of both the website, films and coffee table books are dedicated to Europe, Africa and Middle East, North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

WELUM was born through the collaborative efforts of people with conscious minds and a passion for creativity, from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Through WELUM, the dream of connecting with like-minded people across the globe will become a reality. Welum strives to provide content with an edgy feel and in-depth material that combines creativity and art within a conscious framework.

WELUM is a one-stop destination offering creative around the globe a source of unique inspiration and a space to collaborate and display art in all of its glory. Editors and writers scattered all over the world connect to broaden conscious horizons and shorten creative distances.

clothes – style – fashion – accessories – jewelry – textiles – print

destinations – activities – events – travel – experience - culture

art – photography – visuals – lights – architecture – nature - film

music - sound - storytelling - speaks

food - sweets - drinks - beverage

parfume - essences


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WELUM Launch of Forum March 2017

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WELUM/Di Garbi film December 2016

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WELUM Conscious Coffee Table Book November 2016

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WELUM/Ann Wiberg Film and Interview August 2016

WELUM Art Book July 2016 

WELUM Première Coffee Table Book April 2016

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