Welum Universe
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Welum is a universe created by an array of individuals from across many varying fields, all connected through a passion for art and creativity. “WE” are all the fabric of WELUM, and in turn “WE” becomes symbolic for the coming together of people from all over the world.
This notion is central to our vision at Welum, and is the groundstone in the making of the Welum Universe Film.

The film is produced by Welum in-house production team KNOCKKNOCK, who works with the overall branding of the Welum Universe, as well as all media creation across the Welum platform.

In the film, we see a solitary female character emabark on an abstract journey into white empty space. She travels through several shots in her black coat in search of something unknown. In some shots she appears either mirrored or reflected, but it is not always a true reflection—symbolism to suggest that Welum has a duality, an eeriness simmering below the surface. When looking in the mirror, Welum’s reflection might act unpredictably. There is also an element of black paint, or tar, moving through the image, as a thick substance that will leave a mark wherever present, suggesting Welum has a similar effect. At the end of her journey, the female character turns a corner and finally arrives at her destination: the “WE”. Her search and solitude is over, and she can join in the collaborative spirit and creativity of Welum— rising up, floating above the conventional, into a future strengthened by collaborative creation.

“We wanted to create an abstract landscape for our characters. Welum is a platform for other creators to be portrayed and explored, so our universe has to remain subtle in order to let the fashion of those artists speak loudly. Our own story is also a strong one of collaboration across continents, so we wanted to make a clear visual narrative, using a simple hero’s journey, where the message is something in the vein of “rising above, together”—strength in numbers and collaboration so to speak.

Sara Bøgh, Concept Development and Film Editor.

The film is shot in Copenhagen, by Cinematographer Christian Laursen, and directed by Christina Amundsen.

“We had a great experience shooting this beautiful and solemn film".

We wanted to explore and work with movements in the air, which turned out to be quite challenging. But I think the end result shows the flow and universe of Welum in a beautiful and evocative way”.

Christina Amundsen, Film Director.