15 Minute Pause

Author: Michelle Burke

Book: 15 Minute Pause

Author: Michelle Burke, http://energycatalystgroup.com/

“Joy-filled moments don’t add more to an already busy day, rather they make the busy day better.”15 Minute Pause is an inspirational playbook that explores where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there. It's a call to action to dream big, increase self-care, reduce burnout and re-discover the joy-gems in your life by stepping into your personal power through daily pauses.

If you are exhausted, struggling to find time for yourself, on the verge of burnout or so stressed you aren't living your best life, like most of us, then it might be time for a pause.

Research shows that pausing reduces stress, helps us to be calmer and allows us to make healthier decisions creating a happier life. 15 Minute Pause provides uplifting quotes, tips and the i-Matter Equation to guide you to create small daily rituals allowing you to step off the stress-treadmill of life. Authors share their story of how a daily pause helped them respond to life's challenges with more ease as well as reducing stress while maintaining a more positive attitude along the way.

In this video the author talks with Welum´s readers about how you can make your dreams come true.