2022 Happy Workplaces Conference

On May 12th, 2022, took place virtually, Happy Workplaces Conference.

The event was organized by Happy, a multi-award-winning B Corp, offering workplace consultancy, leadership, personal development, and IT software training. Its aim is for your people to find joy in at least 80% of their work. The company is in London, England.

The founder of Happy Henry Stewart, invite leaders to  Imagine a workplace where people are in control of the work they do. Imagine they have freedom, within clear guidelines, to achieve their results. Imagine they can have the life balance they want. Imagine they are accountable for the work they do, rather than the time they spend at their desk. This is what they mean when they talk about happy workplaces — organizations where staff feel trusted and have freedom within clear guidelines to do their work.

What attendees got from this online Happy conference was:

  • Interactive and engaging - just like our face-to-face events
  • Regular discussions in break-out rooms with other attendees
  • Fun activities to keep you involved throughout the day
  • A focus on stories, real-life scenarios, and 'nick able' ideas


They had some truly inspirational speakers such as Andrew Barnes (Is it time for a four-day week?), Liz Wiseman (How to have a real impact on your job), Vivek Menon (Building a Teal bubble in a large company), Donna Hall (empowering the workforce, empowering the citizens), Marwa Farouq (a global self-managing organization).

For Pim, de Morree checks out the fabulous Corporate Rebels website. Find out about Helen Sanderson’s Wellbeing Teams here. And find the inspirational work of Cemal Ezel at Change Please.


They had some fabulous speakers but as important is the interaction between attendees and participants got to have a conversation – over many breakout sessions - with at least 30 others who were on this journey to Happy Workplaces.

The agenda of the event was:

Happy Workplace Conference 2022
Start What?
10:00 Introductions
10:05 Wild Tea
10:23 Creating Truly Audacious Goals That Stretch the Team by Cemel Ezel
11:03     Break
11:13 Putting Happy ideas into practice
11:23 Confirmatory practices by Helen Sanderson
11:43     Break
11:53 Building a Teal bubble within a large company by Vivek Menon
12:08 Leading in uncertainty: Building organisations that thrive in a constantly changing environment by Marwa Farouq
12:45     Lunch
13:35 25/10: Creating Happy Workplaces
13:55 How Hounslow Council became Council of the Year by Steve Whitehead and Tracy Ampah, Hounslow Council
14:20 Empowered workforce, empowered citizens by Donna Hall
14:50     Break
15:00 Putting Happy ideas into practice
15:10 Why the four-day week is the future of work by Andrew Barnes
15:45     Break
15:55 The vital ingredients of highly motivated teams by Pim de Morree
16:25 Conversation Cafe
16:45     Break
17:05 Discover the five practices that differentiate Impact Players by Liz Wiseman
17:50 Close

Making an impact.

The last conference was the five practices that differentiate Impact Players by Liz Wiseman, the bestselling author and researcher who revealed the secrets of these stellar professionals who play the game at a higher level. Drawing on insights from leaders at top companies, Wiseman explained what the most influential players are doing differently, how small and seemingly insignificant differences in how we think, and act can make an enormous impact, and why—with a little coaching—this mindset is available to everyone who wants to contribute at their highest level.

Based on a study of 170 top contributors, Wiseman identified the mindsets that prevent otherwise smart, capable people from contributing to their full potential and the five practices that differentiate Impact Players:

  • While others do their job, Impact Players figure out the real job to be done.
  • While others wait for direction, Impact Players step up and lead.
  • While others escalate problems, Impact Players move things across the finish line.
  • While others attempt to minimize change, Impact Players are learning and adapting to change.
  • While others add to the load, the Impact Players make heavy demands feel lighter.

Wiseman made clear that these practices—and the right mindset—can help any employee contribute at their fullest and shows leaders how they can raise the level of play for everyone on the team.

If you are interested to join the movement to create happy workplaces, please click here:  https://www.happy.co.uk/