An Art Piece From A Regular Leather Jacket

How to Turn Your Regular Leather Jacket into Punk Rock Jacket

Everybody wants to look cool, and nothing is cooler than having a punk rock leather jacket in your wardrobe. There is no layout for punk rock leather jackets, so it is really up to you how you want your jacket to be, and it is totally a DIY project. You can decorate your jacket in anything from spikes and studs to  leopard print. Here is how to transform your regular leather jacket into a work of art.

Finding the Perfect Jacket

Do some research on finding the perfect leather jacket for yourself, you can do online research or you can go to some stores and search for what kind of jacket you want. You can also go to thrift shops, yard sales, and sweep meets. Army surplus stores are a good place to find  army and flight jackets. Also, check online thrift shops to save time and gas.

Sketch Ideas and Design Your Jacket

  • Take Notes

Draw your jacket in detail on a large plain white paper, including details on every pocket, seam, button, straps, etc. Also, use a grid to make notes for further details. You can also use a color system like using a blue color pyramid on your sketch for studs.

  • Use Your Imagination

Use your imagination on how you want your leather jacket to look like, whether you want it to be a tribute to your favorite band or you want to create an upper body tattoo.

  • Design it With Pencil First

First, begin designing with a pencil, because if you don’t like the outcome you can re-do it. You can draw spider webs with paint pens or you can paint your entire sleeve. Stud the entire jacket or just the collar and make your regular jacket into a studded leather jacketYou can also use spikes. Add some symbol patches or some band logos or just write the name of bands the way they do. You can also use different colored thread to stitch down patches. Draw some symbols or skull designs.

Buy Your Supplies

  • Make A List

Find a hard, flat workstation and make a list of supplies, materials, and tools you will need for this project.

  • Find Inexpensive Supplies

You will need acrylic paint, but make sure it will adhere to leather. Grab a patch or cut a band t-shirt and make a patch from a band logo. For cheap supplies, check online. For studs, you can use different sized nails for different sized holes.

  • Get organized

Post up your sketch in a place where you can easily see it. Get all your supplies in order so your workstation is handy and comfortable.

Begin the Transformation

  • Add Studs

Make holes in your jacket starting from the top side. Push the spike in and poke your pronged stud through. Flip your jacket over and use a flat head screwdriver to press down the prongs or screw on the backing of a spike. This process will be the most time consuming.

Do the Stitching

To push down a heavy-duty needle through tough material, use a thimble. Or, you can simply stitch anyway. You can also use thread, fishing line, or dental floss to make the stitches. Sew or stitch some funky fabric on the sleeves, collar, lapel, or back side of your jacket wherever you think a patch will look cool.

  • Add Patches

Before placing patch onto your jacket add some super glue on the back side of your patch then you can stitch it down or use a safety pin to keep the patch in place and it will look more professional.

  • Do Some Painting

Sketch your idea on your jacket with pencil and then paint it. Your imagination will be the only limiting factor here. You can use different colors to paint. You can draw patterns, tattoos, or band logos.

Enjoy your new work of art!