Photographer Romain Jaques Legreze –

Hong Kong is a magic place where visitors feel a different perspective: verticality rather than horizontality.

The necessity of having enough room for a large number of people has spurred the development of taller and taller buildings, completely changing the landscape of the area.

The result of such an experiment is a city where people are living, working and enjoying themselves  over everyone else.

Romain Jacquet-Legrèze has caught on to this abnormality, and coming from his European sensibility has impressed in his art the sense of the vertical horizon.

“He is a French fine art photographer living in Hong Kong where he is shooting most of my projects.

In 2011 he started working on his first photo book, Vertical Horizon, focused on the vertical growth of Hong Kong. This series has firstly been published in 2012 in Hong Kong with Asia One. It has since then been reprinted as a second edition in 2014.

Since 2013 he has been exhibiting his work in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and the Netherlands. His photos have been featured in major publications across the world (The Guardian, National Geographic, Huffington Post, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, El Pais, Le Figaro Magazine, Die Welt, Apple Daily).

He is now working on new projects also focused on Hong Kong and its unmatched urban development.”

Hong Kong through RJL’s eyes seems different. The geometry of the buildings are contrasted against the usual simple, confused development of the modern city where lines and squares are dominant. RJL has diverted the point of view, imagining a different horizon, the vertical one where every single line and square focuses on the center of the view where there is only the sky.

RJL’s world is magic; it comes from the fantasy of such scenography as the cult movie, Blade Runner. But this is not fiction. It is a version of reality that tricks our senses.

Photographer: Romain Jaques Legréze -
  • Photographer Romain Jaques Legreze -

  • Photographer Romain Jaques Legreze -

  • Photographer Romain Jaques Legreze -

  • Photographer Romain Jaques Legreze -

  • Photographer Romain Jaques Legreze -