Zvou to the World

African designer integrates the world into one

Miles away from mundane African fashion culture, Zvou Couture treads an interesting path. It has defied odds by refusing to be limited to trendy African prints, and has set out to challenge American, European and Asian fashion trends by creating designs authentic to their cultures.


Designer and founder, Cleo Zvourere Dyson is fast climbing the Zimbabwean fashion ladder, exhibiting immense creativity and a strong vision 'to dress the world'.

'Zvou', a name derived from the noun rendeZVOUs, to mean meeting place, is in this essence a meeting place for different cultures through amazing designs.


Describing the inspiration behind the brand, Dyson passionately expresses that after a two hour fruitless tour in a mall in Harare where he failed to find exactly the clothing design to satisfy him, the idea struck him to start his own brand that catered to every shopper's need, regardless of cultural background or race. Deciding to drop his studies in Physics, he learned tailoring in a record breaking month, and Zvou Couture was born.


At just two years old, Zvou Couture's  collections have been notably outstanding at different parades on the Zimbabwe fashion scene.

Debuting at the Harare international festival of arts HIFA, with a first collection of urban street wear, it was evident the brand's path was set for greater heights.

The evolution began and more runway parades exhibited that the vision was intact and ready to compete in the global arena.


From classy European/ American style suits and Chinese detailed shirts, to urban street wear and signature colourful jackets, Zvou Couture is clearly and loudly knocking on global fashion doors. Designer Dyson is determined to see the brand operational on the global stage, and so far his designs justify this vision.


The stylish suits are elaborately detailed and the American/European influence is clearly evident. His streetwear collection is highly influenced by his surroundings and the music video fashion trends of young people that really are trendy. In this essence his urban wear is highly influenced by music, especially hip hop and RnB. The clothes bring out the cry from young people in Africa: a serious need to belong and defy cultural barriers.


Speaking excitedly on his new ventures, Dyson says that the last quarter of 2016 will see him operating under House of Dysons, a fashion house that will be a collaboration initiative with another designer, Tanaka Davison. The launch of this partnership is set to include accessories like necklaces, adding on to the clothing lines of suits and ballroom dresses, among other designs. Clearly the sky is the limit for Zvou Couture.