Taiwan Artist & Fashion Designer

Alysée Yin Chen is a Taiwanese fashion designer based in Paris who recently graduated from Istituto Marangoni Paris.

After many experiences in New York, Yin Chen decided to be based in Paris. Inspired by landscapes and natural forms, her creativity has evolved in a sociological idea of feminism along the time dimension. She has a solid background in the arts that she has integrated in the spirit of the prêt-à-porter creativity.

The spirit of prêt-à-porter will be shown along with sophisticated details and contemporary forms.

Yin Chen previously lived in New York where she studied Fine Arts and Business. Because of her prior fine arts experience, she found herself intrigued by the transition from conceptual forms into commercial images in the fashion industry. Passionate about prints, she pursues an aesthetic that combines minimalism and feminine romanticism.

Alysée Yin Chen is an artist before a fashion designer. Her creativity is never divided in a conceptual identification of aesthetic shapes were femininity is at the center of her arts.

Quality of material and workmanship is a continuous search for perfection in complex pieces with exquisite fabric in limited quantities each season. All of the materials are carefully selected in Italy, France and Japan, and the collection is manufactured in central France.

The pictures of her collections are a form that overcome simple fashion creativity. The light of the models moving in the frame, the delicate combination of colors, make-up and background, give to the watcher the sense of the supreme connectivity among all the elements.

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