jewelry and accessories are art to wear

Bea Valdes is a world-class artist who takes inspiration from traditional cultures coming from different countries to create a fine collection of jewelry.

She is recognized and celebrated as a designer who is transforming materials into modern pieces of art with the magic and mysterious touch of Asia.

Bea Valdes is from the Philippines. She grew up in Manila and she has chosen Manila as her headquarters because the city is definitively one of the most creative environments in Asia.

She was named one of People Asia's People of the Year as well as one of the Best of the Best in 2005 of the Philippine Tatler. She was also awarded the KATHA Award for Creative Excellence in the Accessories Division by the Philippines Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM). Bea was also named as one of Metro Magazines' 20 Global Pinoys.

After her studies, Valdes worked in London as a junior designer for Gregory Aeberhardt Plc., consulting for hotels and resorts around the world. When she went back to Manila, she worked as a design consultant for the Philippine Presidential Palace from 1999-2000. She was a contributing writer to the Lifestyle section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and was also a guest editor for a special fashion issue in 2005.

Bea Valdes' love for fashion is a one-way carrier. She grew up in a family involved in the jewelry trade business, and in 2004 she presented her first bags collection. Her second showed in Manila in 2005 was immediately photographed by Vogue Magazine and was nominated the “must have evening bag of the year”.


Bea Valdes' original vision is “Art to Wear”, not simple merchandising. All the single small actions in creating a form, an artwork, must be inspired by the vision “Art to Wear”. Culture and artisanal workmanship give her creations immediate recognizability.


Bea Valdes lives in a family that have been jewelry traders for three generations. She used to live within a creative environment, and she developed a deep sensibility toward beauty and artisanal activity.

She has also been involved in creative writing and interior design. Everything in her art is spontaneous and not dependent on trends.

She mixes the cultural, traditional, and modern in her creations.

Her best creation is the one that comes next.

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