Bionic beings and sustainability

Are the themes of Assintecal's fashion research

Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Componentes para Couro, Calçados e Artefatos [Brazilian Association of Leather, Footwear and Component Companies] (Assintecal) is entering the development phase of the fashion research that will be presented at the next Inspiramais, an exhibit that will present over a thousand different materials divided into components and inputs for footwear, furniture, jewelry and clothing on July 19 and 20, in Porto Alegre/RS. The research, entitled Earth, uses the concepts of sustainability and the metaverse, with the "bionic beings” as references.

The coordinator of the Research and Design Nucleus of Inspiramais, stylist Walter Rodrigues, points out that research for Earth takes the need to “care for the planet” into account. According to him, major crises, such as those caused by world wars and now by the Covid-19 pandemic, tend to cause ruptures or innovations in society. "And in this context, the renowned designer Helmut Lang stressed that it is urgent to take care of Planet Earth, because without it, innovations don´t make sense. This is what we cover in our research”, says the stylist. In this investigation, the themes of this research that will give rise to the materials that will be presented in Inspiramais emerge forcefully: Biomimetics, Symbiosis and Bionics.

Rodrigues explains that Biomimetics, a concept that seeks references in nature to create products, reflects the need to rethink the mass production process, which is unbalancing life on our planet. "The innovations of materials give rise to spaces both of biomimetic inspiration, as well as natural bases, called bio-based - materials produced by living organisms from natural processes, such as fermentation and are different from natural materials that come from vegetable or animal fibers", explains the designer, noting that the reference is part of the "green path" of the global industry and is already present at major brands such as Mercedes Benz, Hermès, Stella Mccartney, among others.

The second reference present in the research is Symbiosis, in which two organisms coexist harmoniously and are benefited by this action. “Here, materials reflect the past and the future, mixing handmade with technological elements. We seek to stimulate material finishes, such as leather, fabrics and wood in a traditional way, inspiring new generations to value all this rich knowledge", says the designer.

The last of the references of the research, the future is present in the Metaverse (computer programs that enable the projection of identity and a reality simulated in three-dimensional graphics, interacting with other users through digital characters or avatars), the Bionic theme. “Thus, fashion materials assume mutational characteristics, aspects inspired by the effects of digital environments, creating a kind of bionic human being”, Rodrigues points out.

Inspiramais Connection

The research for Earth, carried out over six months by the Research Nucleus of Inspiramais, is now starting to develop materials for the companies participating in the Inspiramais Connection project, which will have a physical space within Inspiramais. In the space, the over one thousand different materials developed from this research will be presented, with participation from the design managers. The 26th edition of Inspiramais will be held on July 19 and 20, at Centro de Eventos da Federação das Indústrias do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (Fiergs), in Porto Alegre/RS.