Blood Sisters

Period Positivity
Blood Sisters – Period Positivity, Peridot leak-proof underwear by Gemsli, photo by Becky Yee

Periods and menstruation are having their day in the sun.  With period positive products from companies like Thinx, Dear Kate, Modibodi, Peridot, Diva Cup, and Throws of Passion, menstruation and periods are coming out  from the shadows of shame, secrecy and stigma.

Tampon ads like Hello Flo's First Moon Party  are opening up the conversations and since its release has over 85 million views. It's an hysterical ad for period starter kits.  A fictional mom teases her pre-teen who lies about getting her first period. Its a must see for everyone.

The time has come when women should be empowered about their periods and connected as blood sisters with everyone women who has ever menstruated.  These period positive products will hopefully make period shaming  a thing of the past.

Period Positivity

Thinx Hi_Waisted Panties in Cleao for Heavy Days. Holds up to 2 regular tampons' worth.

Thinx the most popular period underwear brand made a splash with an extensive ad campaign that ran in NYC subways.  The ads which featured grapefruits and eggs signifying vulvas and menstrual blood, were so controversial back in 2015 they originally they were banned.

But thankfully the public opinion and great PR moves by Thinx helped to overturn the advertisement blockage.  People were outraged that subway ads for erectile dysfunction, breast and penis enlargement were approved easily yet ads depicting metaphors for women's natural monthly cycles were banned.

Thinx subway coup sparked the popularity in period proof underwear.  What exactly are period proof underwear? They are reusable underwear that absorbs your period blood. So instead of pads and tampons you only need to wear these underwear which have a special technology for keeping women fresh and dry during their monthly cycle.

Modibodi the original period underwear company from Australia uses a trademarked Modifier Technology.  Their multilayer underwear has a top layer that wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and odor. The middle layer absorbs and traps fluid while the bottom layer is an extra waterproof layer.  These period underwear can hold up to 4 tampons worth!

Period Positivity

Modibodi Active Briefs, can absorb 1-2 tampons even when you work out. Model Joi Rychelle.

Modibodi is finding so many ways to serve women while they are on their period. They have an activewear period proof underwear. So even during that time of that time of the month you don't need to be worried about period accidents when you are at the gym or yoga studio.

Period Positivity

Dear Kate's Hazel Briefs in Fuschia, Modibodi Active Briefs, Modibodi Classic Thong.

Other brands like Peridot are leak proof underwear. Although they can be used for light days, Peridots are not meant to be a replacement for tampons and pads, they are best used in conjunction with them. The comfortable all cotton construction of the Peridot gives you a 2nd level of protection against overflow. Let's face it there is not one woman on this earth who has never experienced a period overflow accident. So Peridots are a must have for every menstruating woman's underwear drawer.

Of all of these brands my personal favorite is Dear Kates.  Unlike the industry standard of using PUL (PolyUrethane Laminate) Fabric Dear Kates actually developed a high tech fabric called Underlux.

Underlux, makes Dear Kates period resistant underwear 100% fabric with no plastic or latex layers like all the other brands and industry standard.

Period Positivity

Dear Kate Hazel Hipsters in Fushia uses no plastic or films but a patented hi tech fabric.

They use a swimsuit like fabric that is highly stain resistant and this allows the underwear to have a variety of bright colors and detail and not only black.  Their designs have pretty lace and fun trimmings.  I can understand why one of their adoring customers gushed "I can't believe my period underwear are the prettiest ones I own." That time of the month is definitely the time to treat yourself to an fabulous pair of Dear Kates!

Period proof underwear aren't the only thing helping to increase period positivity.   Companies like Throws of Passion make a fantastic period blanket.  It's a 100% waterproof and stain resistant blanket soft fleece blanket on both sides. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes and you can use it as an extra protection for when you  have your period and are in bed.

Period Positivity

Throws of Passion, Period Blanket, double sided soft fleece is completely waterproof.

I like to use it for those times of the month when I don't want to bust out that old scratchy towel with the holes in it or make your bedroom look like the aftermath of a murder scene. This blanket is a must have for people who like period sex.  I tried it out and I am a huge fan. The blanket came out of the washing machine just like new.  I was even able to throw the blanket in the dryer and use it the very next night.

Period Positivity

Diva Cups collect your monthly flow and allow women to become more body literate. Photo by Becky Yee

All of these period products are game changers but the Diva Cups really put women in touch - literally, with their periods and flow. Diva Cups are reusable silicone cups similar to a diaphragm, that catch your menstrual flow.  But unlike Tampons which need to be changed every 4-6 hours, Diva Cups can be used for up to 12 hours.  Instead one time usage of pads and tampons. menstruation cups are reusable.  So they are very eco friendly, sustainable and help reduce landfill waste.  But the best thing about using Diva Cups is women learn more about their own bodies.

At first I was skeptical about Diva Cups.  I felt so strange to be putting my fingers up my vagina and digging around there.  But with a little practice and a few youtube video tutorials I was a completely comfortable with the product but even more so with my own body.  Diva Cups allow women to become body literate.  They gain an education and deep knowing of their own bodies.  They are literally in touch and cognizant with their body's menstrual cycles. When I saw my collected period blood for the first time every, at first, I was completely disgusted and grossed out.  But I immediately found myself fascinated by my own period flow and what my body produced every month.

Women will continue to menstruate and these wonderful products are eco conscious and allowing women to be more connected to their body and monthly cycles.  In the world tribe we are all blood sisters.