Negotiate It!

Author: E. Lynn Price

Book: Negotiate It!

Author: E. Lynn Price 

Negotiate It! is a conversational and engaging book that gives you the tools to immediately improve your negotiation skills in all areas! It will teach you how to overcome excuses associated with negotiation and how to overcome your fear. You will learn the proven formula of the Three R's. You will learn how to be:-Ready-Relatable-Reasonable. Negotiate It! will teach you to "Make the Ask." You'll develop confidence, learn how to defend your position, when to anticipate push back and how to complete your negotiation strategically and efficiently. You'll be able to confidently adopt the "Don't Ask, Don't Get" philosophy.

Lynn Price has over twenty years of professional negotiation experience. Most of it has been as a corporate attorney working with different industries: telecommunications, engineering, construction, and advertising/marketing just to name a few. Lynn has negotiated over eleven thousand agreements. From simple and complex contracts to mergers and acquisitions, salaries, houses, cars, and even some family pets!

In this video the author will talk with Welum´s readers about the 3 R's in the negotiations.

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