Caroline Bergonzi: Raw Powerful Creations

monomental sculptures and powerful paintings
Atmosphere – PHILIP PELUSI presents an CAROLINE BERGONZI exhibition from 2008 at Arium Cafe at 31 Little West 12th, NYC (

A new Da Vinci has risen.

Caroline Bergonzi grew up under the Mediterranean sky in Monaco, with a diverse background in both fashion management and the video game industry. Her drive for personal freedom brought her to picturesque Paris, Italy, and even China, for an enlightening discovery of inspirational freedom. This freedom spreads its wings in the form of her raw and powerful sculptures that raise their metallic contours like a phoenix aiming for the sky.

Bergonzi's monumental creations are one with nature and placed at the most significant places around the world. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Nv1 Tv, and BfM Tv exc. She chose New York City as her breathing ground, with its mix of humane individuals, creativity, and cultural acceptance of the "sky is the limit" philosophy.

In a growing reality, Bergonzi empowered an insightful journey into psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. Some of her sculptures reside at Riverside & 68th street, the "Metamorphosis", the "Red Phoenix" at the Governors Island, and the "Water" at Van Cortland Park.

She has also created brilliantly beautiful paintings, which can be viewed on her website, as well as her many many other historically challenging and powerful creations.

Spoken words from a purely true artist, Bergonzi says, "Imagine a world where you can let go and live really fully, where you can scream, scratch, punch, break, tear, push, pull, burn, play, and anger is not something that makes you 'out of your mind',  but something that you tame into creativity. From my earliest memories, drawing has been as essential to me as breathing. Committing myself completely to art gives me a sense of being alive, aligned with the world, serene and complete".

She found the art of retaining a childlike curiosity and an urge for ongoing renewal. Rather than specializing in one thing, she prefers to remain a "perpetual beginner" and be constantly open to new possibilities and explorations.

"I cannot find a more interesting topic than life itself, motions and emotions, or a better subject than human beings and our unlimited collective mind and shared universal symbols.

Through my work I want to incarnate this spirit, for myself and for others. It is a great call for daily discipline and stubborn positivity when it is so tempting to surrender to the sinister context and doomed world we are told we live in."
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  • Atmosphere - PHILIP PELUSI presents an CAROLINE BERGONZI exhibition from 2008 at Arium Cafe at 31 Little West 12th, NYC (