Colombian Community Hand-Painted Shoes

RADYCAL create unique form of expression and art.

The Colombian shoe brand RADYCAL has created a unique form of expression and art. The brand works with the best leather in the market and only top quality outsoles from Italy to guarantee a consistently high-quality product.

Welum asked the founder about the background of creating the brand.

What was the thought behind the shoes?

RADYCAL is a footwear brand that refuses to conform. It empowers the consumer by supporting their individual freedom and strength to pursue and conquer new horizons. We believe in the innate power of the human being. We want to say THE MOMENT IS NOW!! No matter what our past has been. Our dreams and joys are accomplished through faith and hard work. 

How did the brand develop?

At the end of 2015, after two projects that didn't work out, I decided to follow my passion for shoes, and I figured that there was a lack of a brand that combined casual style with urban trends which DNA of feeling authentic, free of what people might say and free to empower myself through it. I decided to give life to RADYCAL. Life has shown me that, in this world, nothing is impossible. We all go through hard situations, and life will get you into some challenges until you learn from them. That’s why we can never give up from our dreams and these ones must be sought with responsibility, faith, and great joy.  

To what extent does the brand embrace the conscious and sustainable direction the world is taking?

Since the brand was created until today, our main focus has been to create a highly valuable team with optimal working conditions and fair trade. A very big portion of our product is handmade by our artisans, and this job is very well rewarded and valued.

How does the brand still interact with the Colombian community?

As a Colombian brand, it's very important for us to generate social impact. That's why we are working in a collaborative way with artists from the 13th commune of Medellin. We have made a graffiti whose objective is that all visitors can interact and leave their feelings. We want the good vibes to emanate through this community. We want to show that there is always hope. That in spite of the difficult and violent past that residents carry with them, possibilities are accomplished through faith. That sometimes only with a reminder from someone or something is enough to start over. The important thing is how we overcome and persevere to create light in our darkest nights.

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