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Tania Khodanovich, founder and CEO, Pharmedu (Pharma + Education).


Tania founded the first pharmacy community in the New East region and started educational programs for pharmacists and other members of the pharmaceutical community.


The startup was founded in 2014 as a part of A5 Group and Tania was engaged in it. After selling the A5, Tania has led it and continued this project. From a staff of several people, the project has grown to 50. Moreover, it was possible to build a system in which more than half of the employees work remotely and without a strict schedule. At the end of 2017, the company's turnover amounted to 430 000 euro and in 2018 - 864 285 euro. Today Pharmedu involves 250,000 pharmacists.



WHY  : 

The main goal of the service is to provide the opportunity for pharmaceutical industry specialists to increase the level of knowledge in the specialty through information and educational modules, scientific articles, results of clinical studies, materials of scientific conferences. Online-service is free for the pharmaceutical community for education in the field of pharma, IT and legislation. Pharmacists receive credits for completing programs and can spend them on paid modules. Thus, free service for the pharmaceutical community is provided by partners: different pharmaceutical companies, IT-holdings, and medical universities. A lot of women have already received advanced training right in the workplace.

This year Tania has launched the B2C service "Pharmacist kiosk" for the consumers on CIS market. A patient who doesn't have a pharmaceutical or medical education, in most cases it is impossible to figure out on their own which drug to choose. The main goal of the project is to provide comprehensive information on the characteristics and descriptions of different drugs and their analogs to help patients. However, pharmacists don't prescribe drugs and in any case, don't dispute the appointment of the doctors. The online service has a simple and intuitive interface. The patient visits the site Pharmedu and moves into the "Pharmacist kiosk" category. Then the service offers to scan a prescription or write a doctor's appointment. When the program is scanning a prescription, the information automatically encrypts data: by whom it was issued, to whom and in which medical institution it was received. This technique allows for preserving personal data. Then, within 24 hours qualified pharmacists will tell the patient how effective drugs were discharged, what analogs exist and at what price it can be purchased. Pharmacists ' consultations are free for website visitors. Our purpose now is to achieve 2,000 000 visitors per month. It is about to spread on the European market.




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