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Patricia Osorio, Co-founder & CMO,

WHAT did you do?

I left my job as a C-Level executive and partner at an established company to start over and build my own business in a foreign country. The motivation behind it is tied to some of my values and dreams: having a company where diversity and innovation are in the center from day 1, building an innovative, global, and scalable business, and being exposed a challenged in new ways - including a new culture.

HOW did you do it?

I'm a team player at heart, so the first thing I did was to make sure I had people on my side who had complementary skills to mine, similar values and objectives, who I enjoyed working with and who I admired. With the right people with me, we started discussing what were our strengths as a team and in which markets we saw an opportunity for disruption - and that's how we got to Market Research and Consumer Insights, as we worked with Marketing Technology for more than 10 years serving brands like Whirlpool, Danone, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Heinz, and many others and we know how their marketing processes were.

WHEN did you start your company?

Birdie started a little more than 2 years ago, after me, Rodrigo, and Alex - my partners who I have been working with for more than 10 years and that I mentioned above - decided we want to look for a 4th person with a strong AI and Deep Learning background to help us build Birdie. When we met Everton we knew he was the one, not only because of his knowledge (he's been working with AI for more than 13 years and is the youngest Ph.D. in Brazil) but also because he shared the same values and goals we did.

WHY are you innovating with this product or service?

Because we are disrupting the Market Research and Consumer Insights industries with a solution that does not commission surveys to hear consumers' opinions not captures conversations based on keywords - both biased and limited solutions when it comes to eliminating blind spots. Instead, Birdie captures several opinions from different sources, groups them into business aspects such as customer service, product attributes, buying personas, and buying experience, and shows what are the elements that are standing out both about our clients and their competitors. That reduces the effort to get to insights and brings a full perspective on the consumer experience.

WHERE are you from?

I was born in a small town in Brazil and moved to São Paulo to go to College, having studied both Business and Law at the #1 ranked Universities in Latin America. I lived in Brazil until January, when I moved to the United States to develop the market for Birdie, and it has been an amazing experience so far.

INDUSTRY: Market Research Technology