Curata Beauty, Sustainable Luxury

Serena Rogers, founder
Serena Rogers, Founder Curata, Photo by Becky Yee

"A year from now you, you will wish you started today" is a quote that inspired Serena Rogers to create Curata Beauty, a brand of sustainable luxury body care and perfume. Less than three years ago, when she came up with the idea for Curata Beauty, Rogers was working with spas around the world and developing products.

Rogers became fixated on sustainable self care and did not want to go down the route of facials and makeup that aim to fix something about you.  She believes that everyone is fabulous as they are.  The products she developed for Curata Beauty therefore honor what is sexy, strong, and dynamic about you. 

Curata Beauty's signature product, Aureo, is an all-over multi radiance oil. It is a daily care ritual that you give yourself.  You can use it on your face, hair, or body.  It is made from natural ingredients that nourish, hydrate, and envelope your skin with hints of vanilla, white grapefruit, and tuberose.  The rich oils and botanical scents linger and create an aura of both decadence and peace. 

Roger's daily self care rituals include using Aureo oil at the end of her day right after a nice hot shower as a way to decompress and ground herself.  She says that using the Aureo oil is her way to care for herself and honor the day her body has just gone through.  The oil is ethically sourced. Aureo is one of the first products that helped launch Curata Beauty's line.  The other product is Dulceo, a botanical perfume extract that is a delicious fragrance and blends well with individuals' body chemistry.   

There is a strong note of cacao mixed with top notes of sweet orange, guava, and Moroccan neroli, with lush notes of Indian jasmine, frangipani, and a gentle, creamy base of vanilla and caramel.  Dulceo perfume from Curata Beauty is made in small batches and hand crafted with 100% natural aromatics.  

Natural and sustainable are the cornerstones of Curata Beauty's brand ethos.  All the ingredients are ethically sourced.  The product is not tested on animals, and they check to make sure that none of the ingredients they source are tested on animals.  The packaging is made of recycled materials and soy inks, and even the bottles are UV printed with soy inks. 

Rogers and her brand are truly committed to their mission of sustainable luxury. They created the very first perfume to ever be certified by MADE SAFE, a third party testing agency that certifies products have no toxic chemicals that would harm human health.  That, along with their partnerships with 1% For The Planet Charity and Plastic Oceans, show that Curata Beauty practices what it preaches - sustainable luxury and decadent self care.

If you want more information on how you can score your very own sustainable luxury in a bottle, go to Curata Beauty's website.