Delivering bra fit for D Plus customers

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Delivering a BRA with the best in fit for D Plus customers.


Helena Kaylin,  Founder & CEO of MINDD BRA COMPANY


I have created and developed an assortment of wire-free bras for the D+ cup size women, built on the pillars of comfort, beauty, performance, and innovation.


I started my career in fashion managing the R&D & Innovation team at Victoria's Secret starting in 2006, learning everything from bra construction, designing and developing new textiles, exploring more sustainable materials and working with a small team who was on a mission to innovate components and manufacturing methods like bonding and ultrasonic welding and apply it to bra's to improve the customer experience with the product. This experience brought me to Calvin Klein, Under Armour, Uniqlo and to Lululemon.  All the while leading product teams and always on a mission to innovate the everyday bra or sports bra. I was approached by Carbon38, a start-up in Los Angeles, to join the team as the Chief Merchandising Officer to support and lead the merchandising, buying and private label design and development teams. I experienced firsthand the monumental shift that was taking place in digital retail when I joined Carbon and the importance of creating an experience for the customer and delivering a personal experience.


January 2019


I am also frustrated customer, most of the bras I have launched throughout my career I was not been able to fit "comfortably" into. I know firsthand the issues, pain, and discomfort the D Plus customer is experiencing. Depending on the day I am a 36DD - E cup. Companies have started to talk about and support plus-sized apparel, which is wonderful and long overdue.  When it comes to bras it is really about a size inclusivity conversation and looking at how to support and ensure women across the spectrum of size D PLUS CUPS  are feeling supported. We create a product that is uniquely designed and fit for their needs and we have brought women into the conversation and design process. The technical requirements often need to change to support the needs of a size 44 band size vs. a woman who is a size 28 band size. Everything I have done in my career up and to this point has led me here to be in service to women and leverage my expertise to create a comfortable product, beautiful performs and functions


United States

INDUSTRY:  Retail, Ecommerce. Bra's and Underwear