Egyptian Artist Karim Abd Elmalak

An Artist, from the Egyptian land of mysteries.

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Karim grew up surrounded by mysteries & ancient history.

Born into an artistic family & naturally inspired, he was only 3 years old when his artistic abilities began to develop & his first painting was born; however, when i asked him to describe the visual, he amusingly suggested asking his mother lol.

Karim´s father was an artist too, who unfortunately passed away in 2011, & so Karim made himself a promise, to dedicate a piece from every collection to his fathers memory.

Truly a beautiful thing to do, & it is easy to tell how Karim is an artist with much love in his heart, simply by looking at his paintings as well.

Creativity seems to come naturally to Karim, as he also works as an illustrator for a local Magazine & used to own an advertising agency, as well as played the guitar.

When you look deep into Karim´s extraordinary paintings with a magical touch of renaissance in the rich textures & earthly tones, you see complex transparency, as well as a rare timeless vision, one only Leonardo Da Vinci also possessed.

As Karim is a truly unique combination of a true artistic visionary, he describes how visual sensitivity & spirituality is his connection to creativity.

While his paintings are centred around the soul of women, he explains that women are the source of creation, strength, warmth, motherly love & the feeling of home.

A few of the ladies in his paintings, are familiar faces, but many are created by his own imagination.

On how he visualizes his creations, he mysteriously quotes Van Gogh, saying “ I dream my paintings & paint my dreams “.

Karim has an admirable discipline for creating a whole collection in each its individual philosophical theme & has already held numerous exhibitions, as well as attending international art festivals, like “ Caravan Art Festival “ an international festival, starting in Cairo & includes many major cities like London, New York among some & becomes a journey through several countries around the world.

Of Karim´s many incredible art pieces, his statement piece is called “ Metamorphosis “ a visual story of transformation to personal freedom, embracing your very being.

Showing a beautiful woman through life´s test of clockwise transformation, finally spreading her wings to fly.

Karim appreciates living in Cairo by the Nile, where he takes his dog, a golden retriever named Dali(named after the artist Dali) to enjoy the serene & peaceful atmosphere.

Egypt & especially Cairo, has become an international hotspot for fine art, & draws people from all over the world, to purchase collectables, or attend art academies, as Cairo has a large number of both local, as well as international art schools.

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You will be amazed.