Encouraging women to invest in start-ups

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Encouraging women to invest more in start-ups


I am Stéphanie Tumba. I like to call myself a slasher. I slasher is an entrepreneur with a variety of revenue streams.

As far as I am concerned, I am the founder of a business angel vehicle Sté Tumba Capital, newly appointed as the managing director of a matchmaking agency called Human Connections based in London, an award-winning author, philanthropist, and a life coach to start-ups and professionals.

WHAT  did you do?

I grew up in Paris as the daughter of an entrepreneur.  After a baccalaureate in literature, I went to University studying English Literature and Civilization with a major in Developmental Psychology (e.g. Children Psychology). Two year later, I switched to Business Management graduating with a major in Marketing and minor in Finance.  I started my career in banking & finance if I include my internships.

But my career as an employee started in the beauty industry working for L’Oréal in Paris, Shanghai, Frankfort, Madrid and London. After a few years, working in the beauty industry, I work in film & entertainment industry and went back to finance working for a family office. A few months later and with the support of its managing director, I created my own business angel vehicle in 2016 Sté Tumba Capital which invests in start-ups.

HOW did you do it?

Well, I had never imagined being where I am right now. When I arrived in London my career goal was just a straight line: work at for L'Oréal in London for 3 years, move to New York and progress at  Gemey Maybelline for 5, have a baby, come back to France take over a senior management role in the group (i.e. L’Oréal) become its CEO. Then, at 40, I wanted to have my own beauty or fashion structure in France supported by L’Oréal and build my own brand.

Well I’ve been now in London for 10 years, and I’m back in finance where I originally started. Just so you know, my first internships were in banking and I initially signed up in my business school with a major in finance which has switched from marketing after year two. So, how did I do it? After a few up and downs in my career in London, I ended up working in a small family office investing in fashion and beauty upcoming brands. I was pretty good at anticipating, getting the best valuation and seeing potential in the industry. So, my boss simply encouraged me to do the same. She became my mentor and after selling a flat because I didn’t have the cash at the time to start, I created Sté Tumba Capital with my first investment being in the leisure and tourism industry.

WHEN  did you start your company?

I founded my company in June 2016 whilst I was still working on a retainer basis for my mentor.

WHY are you innovating with this product or service?

Only 2% of the people who work in my field are women. We are redefining the investor role by not only bringing finances to a project, we coach and develop founders, and their teams, to make sure that they stay unstuck and ahead of the challenges and the chaos.

More importantly, through my general talks and workshops, Sté Tumba Capital wants to encourage women to invest more in start-ups. Investing in an idea or project can be fun. It is not only about profit, balance sheet and cash flow. You do whatever you want to do in your position. Each investor has his or her own style. You can add value to your investment and sit down at a board meeting and micro-manage in the overall strategy your investment. It's both exciting and rewarding. We travel, we meet new people, and learn about diverse industries. This job is exciting, varied, and it never gets boring.I coach start-up-founders to scale themselves in order to scale their business. And, this mentoring element of my job is as fulfilling

WHERE are you from?

I am French and I currently live in London, United Kingdom.




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