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Try to wear more than 30 a garment, if not, donate it or reuse it. Photo:

Have you ever felt the magic of going into a store and seeing new clothes?

When you enter, trends are everywhere. Colors take our attention, and we just want to look like those influencers and bloggers on social media. Then comes the next step, we buy the clothes.

This story is not as good as it sounds. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world.

Nowdays, society, especially women, have adopted a “wear it once culture,” because they do not want to be seen with the same clothes more than once.

According to Fashion Revolution, a garment is worn just four times and after that it is disposed in favor of a new one.

Imagine that at least half of the current world’s population does this, about 3.2 billion people disposing their clothes. In North America alone, clothing weighing about 30 times as heavy as the Empire State Building is disposed of every year. 

For this reason, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) states that the textile industry is far from sustainable, because fast fashion brands, such as Zara, Forever 21, Topshop, and Gap create more than 24 collections per year, an action that makes consumers continue buying and buying.

Organizations like EcoAge, Future Lab, and Fashion Revolution have launched some initiatives to eradicate this polluter.


Sustainable initatives

- Who made my clothes?: ask your favourite brands who made your clothes and how. This is to know if the workers were in unsafe conditions or if  children labor was involved.

- Repair, Reuse, Recycle: do not just throw away your clothes, find another way to use them.

- 2.500 people, 3 months, no new clothes: with the purpose of halting the carbon dioxide emissions, 2.500 people signed a pledge to stop buying new clothes for three months.

- 30 wears: use every piece in your closet more than 30, and, if you do not, then donate it or recycle it.


How to stop polluting and wasting money on clothes?

- Look for quality, not quantity.

- Ask for help (fashion stylist).

- Buy reality.

- Consider your lifestyle.

- Before you buy, always think about whether you really want or need something.

Be a fashion hero!

These are some actions that you can take as a consumer and revolve the industry:

- Buy handmade items from independent designers and makers.

- Make a swap party with friends.

- Shop vintage.

- Capsule closets.

- Ask your favourite brands who made your clothes. 

- Use your voice on social media.

By Angie Zcoln
IG: @angiezcoln, @zcoln
Facebook: @zcoln
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  • "Buy less, choose well, make it last". -Vivianne Westwood. Photo: