Furniture industry scaleup circular panels

DSM and ECOR announce partnership with innovators in furniture industry

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in nutrition, health and sustainable living, today announces that DSM-Niaga and advanced green building materials maker ECOR start a coalition with a consortium of leading furniture manufacturers to explore the use of circular panels in their furniture. The commitment of these industry innovators enables DSM-Niaga and ECOR to scaleup the production of Niaga®ECOR® panels as a sustainable alternative to traditional furniture panels. The panels are made of residual fibers to create a range of recyclable, healthy alternatives to MDF particleboard, fiberboard, and foam board panels and enable high quality furniture production.

The coalition of furniture manufacturers include Royal Auping, Canary Company, Cartoni Design, Concourse, INTOS, König+Neurath, Occony, Triboo and Zwartwoud. The companies today agreed to formalize their shared ambition and commitment to a circular economy at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, the biggest design event in Northern Europe.

Each year in the European Union, 10 million tonnes of furniture are discarded by businesses and consumers, the majority of which ends up in either landfill or incineration.* Circular interventions and the use of materials with options for refurbishment and remanufacturing without unwanted ingredients can counter this trend. Currently, the furniture market is dominated by non-circular materials since high quality recyclable furniture materials are not yet available in large volumes.

The commitment formalized today is an important step in the transformation to circular materials. Niaga®ECOR® panels are refurbishable and recyclable for use in furniture design, replacing current non-circular materials. This innovation reduces and can ultimately eliminate waste, producing furniture with a better environmental footprint. DSM-Niaga and ECOR are adding production capacity in the Netherlands in 2020 to expand supply of the innovative panels for the future.

DSM-Niaga redesigns products from scratch, making them healthier and fully recyclable without compromising on performance. ECOR offers healthy materials for interior, furniture and exhibition solutions. In late 2017, the two companies saw an opportunity to combine complementing technologies: ECOR’s only natural cellulosic fiber-based panels with DSM-Niaga’s click-and-unclick adhesive to create fully recyclable, healthier alternatives to particleboard.

Kelly Hall, Managing Director at DSM-Niaga says: “We need to start future-proofing our everyday products by making them radically healthier for people and the planet. This collective effort bonds all players in the value chain to the same cause. We strongly believe that we are better together, we are eager to keep moving forward and inspire others to follow suit to mainstream circular products and business models that are good for people and great for the planet.”

"Being part of this community is uplifting! Both in practice and in spirit." Eric Logtens CEO Europe, ECOR adds.


DSM-Niaga was established in 2014 and has the mission to redesign everyday products from the ground up. The aim is to make products fully recyclable in an easy and affordable way, without compromising on quality or price. Carpet was the first product DSM Niaga redesigned, together with Royal Auping a circular mattress was developed and with ECOR an alternative to traditional furniture panels – the Niaga®ECOR® panel – was designed. More products will follow.


ECOR is the foundation for designing sustainable buildings and products that enable a circular economy. ECOR believes that building elements can be wholly circular and strives to provide viable, turn-key, closed-loop enterprise solutions - also via new business models.

ECOR® is a lightweight, high performance, clean, VOC-free, green panel that is 100% recycled and recyclable. ECOR® is to provide both the waste-to-resource conversion solution for cellulose fiber waste (agricultural, industrial & urban) and the advanced green material or products its partner’s operations require.

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