Gloves that eliminate min. 99% bacteria

New Finnish innovation

Hofler Oy from Oulu, Finland is the first company in the world to develop a glove with a natural
based treatment that eliminates viruses and bacteria by min. 99%.

“The idea for the glove came from the consumer´s needs. Especially now during COVID-19, we felt
really important to develop a glove that also has a protective function.”
The natural based antimicrobial treatment of the glove is sustainably produced from side-streams of
the forest industry. The treatment is non-toxic and does not contain heavy metals or harmful
chemicals and it is patented worldwide. The gloves are treated on the inside and on the outside of
the glove to enable maximum protection.

The gloves are designed for everyday use, but they are also ideal for working e.g. in the home care,
retail stores, restaurants and so on. The reusable glove also significantly reduces the consumption of
disposable gloves and hand disinfectants. If stained, the gloves can also be machine washed up to
30 times without them losing their antimicrobial properties.

Hofler Biotech UT is a thin and shape fitted knitted glove that also has touch screen feature.
"The Hofler Biotech UT glove is like a second skin and you can wear it both indoors and outdoors
all day long," says Timo Räihä, EVP at Hofler Oy.

Gloves are available for both women and men in several colors. The price has been able to keep
affordable thanks to the highly automated production. Hofler Biotech gloves will come to the
market in January and can be pre-ordered from the online store.

Hofler Oy is a third-generation family business in the glove industry. The market areas are Northern
Europe and Russia. There are about 200 different models of casual gloves in the collections under
Hofler and Forhands brands. In addition, Hofler Oy manufactures gloves for the customers’ own