Gratitude Infusion 


Book: Gratitude Infusion 


Gratitude Infusion delivers workplace strategies to develop a culture of gratitude throughout your organization. Communication, productivity, teamwork, employee engagement, and motivation will flourish when you infuse your corporate culture and life with gratitude. Gratitude produces a chain reaction. For corporate leaders, this translates to lower attrition rates. For families, this builds healthier relationships. For individuals, this ensures a more peaceful and inspired life.

Gratitude Infusion walks you through the power of gratitude, including its role in forgiveness, acceptance of the self and others, problem solving, managing a remote workforce, and more. Actionable tips, exercises, and thought-provoking questions are explored in each chapter. By focusing on the good in our lives, we are able to help others see and cultivate the good in the world. Gratitude Infusion will open your heart to more creativity, passion, and wonder through its practice.

In this video, the author shares with us some tips to be more grateful at work.

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