Green awards ceremony

Attracts Illinois’ biggest ever gathering of sustainability professionals
Caption: The Willis Tower in Chicago will host the Illinois Green Alliance’s Limelight reception and awards ceremony

Illinois’ commitment to ‘Build Back Better’ and ‘Net Zero’ sustainability initiatives will be highlighted tomorrow (Thursday 7 October) by a prestigious green awards evening.

Chicago’s tallest landmark, the Willis Tower, is the venue for the Illinois Green Alliance’s biggest annual Limelight reception and awards ceremony for members, sponsors, and construction and building industry professionals.

The event will celebrate the Midwest state’s sustainability initiatives in green building design, technology and innovation.

It will also support the Illinois Green Schools Project, which challenges schools to devise and implement creative, low-cost energy, water, and waste initiatives helping to connect educators and students with green building community professionals.

And event leaders will share their insights on net zero buildings for the future of Illinois, which recently committed to being 100% carbon-free by 2045 and increasing solar energy funding from $10m to $50m annually.

The state is also home to leading sustainable construction-related companies such as Chicago-based event sponsor, Cityzenith, a Digital Twin market leader that uses its SmartWorldOS platform technology to track, manage and reduce emission output within cities and built environments.

Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen said: “We were honoured to be asked to support and sponsor this event in mine and the company’s home city, especially as Illinois and Chicago has been supportive of our ‘Clean Cities – Clean Future’ campaign to drive down urban emissions.

“Far-sighted leaders and building owners here have seen how our SmartWorldOS Digital Twin platform can reduce operating costs in buildings by 35%, boost productivity by 20% and cut emissions by 50-100% - no wonder the Digital Twin market is forecast to grow 15-fold from $3.1 billion in 2020 to $48.2billion by 2026 at a 58% CAGR.”

Jansen added that US cities are now lining up to join Clean Cities - Clean Future, with New York first to sign, and Phoenix, Las Vegas and many more expected to follow.

He added: "We can enable cities globally to fulfil their climate promises, and our foundational 'Smart District' Digital Twin project in Brooklyn will set an example for New York and the country. We hope Illinois and Chicago will also work with us to transform its urban areas into sustainable spaces."

To attend this event, you can purchase tickets for in-person or Livestream attendance here.

  • Caption: The Willis Tower in Chicago will host the Illinois Green Alliance’s Limelight reception and awards ceremony