GWPR - Global Women PR

A global organisation for senior women in PR made up of networking groups and individuals around the world; offering cross-border support, information on best practice and networking events. We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting female talent in the PR industry.


We actively focus on the key issues affecting women working in the public relations industry today.

Despite the global PR industry being two-thirds female; in the boardroom the figures are in complete reverse, with men occupying 62% of seats at the boardroom table. Currently 78% of CEOs in the top 30 PR agencies worldwide are male. (GWPR Annual Survey 2017).

GWPR is an important sector group of ICCO – the International Communications Consultancy who represent 2,500 PR firms worldwide and 48 national trade associations.

By creating a global community of senior PR women actively working together, GWPR can help promote the changes that are needed to shape the PR industry for the 21st century.

Our membership currently covers the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Global Women in PR

Angela Oakes, Co-Founder and Joint President


Angela Oakes,Co-Founder and Joint President - Global Women in PR