Hello Halsted creating nature in jewellery

Hello Halsted By Stephanie Jones

Like something made out of a fairytale, Stephanie´s botanical jewellery, possesses a dreamy look into  imagination.

Like tiny fairy lands, created with real miniature flowers and wrapped in transparent crystal like material, is like getting a glimpse of a fantasy world.

It made me think of the movie NARNIA, where the kids find a hidden door inside an old closet, and discovers a whole other world of creatures.

Stephanie started the botanical line in 2012, from her home in Chicago, and says that while she is still a learner, her art designs have only grown into a business that is sold worldwide.

Botanical jewellery gives new definition to “ putting love into it “ as it is quite a lengthy process in several stages, to create the delicate art pieces with a little piece of nature in.

Her method begins with collecting the flowers, dying them in different colours, drying them, and forming them into little pieces of wonderland.

Then the metal is shaped and moulded into a suitable frame.

Finally the crystal clear resin is layered (resin is often used in other art work, like paintings and sculptures, and does not break).

She describes how moulding metal, takes patience, as she literally cuts it out of bigger pieces, and hammer, shape, an refine every single little pendant, ring and earring into fitting the clear form of flower wrapping.

A little piece of magic, with a resistant and timeless natural design.

For spiritual people, and those who practice Wicca, botanical jewellery truly brings you closer to the sense of being one with nature, not only admiring natures true art form, but thanks to Stephanie, now you can wear unique jewellery from the art of nature as well.

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