Helping car dealerships to sell online

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Helping car dealerships to sell online faster


Lyamen Savy, CEO and Founder of 321 Ignition, a mobile-first website platform for car dealers.

WHAT  did you do?

I created a website platform to help car dealerships survive unprecedented times and help them sell cars online faster.

HOW did you do it?

I disrupted the auto industry with techniques currently lacking in the customer-facing products of dealership websites. By merging my professional networks of the best in UX/UI and marketing teams available. Additionally, having a partner like DJ Haddad of Haddad and Partners ( who believed in what we were doing from the beginning who was willing to invest immediately, I didn’t have to waste time trying to raise money or recruiting more talent because he had the network and resources. He was able to assemble the best developers, designers and copywriters with experience working with Fortune 500 clients. They bring outside auto industry perspective and knowledge to the car business.

WHEN  did you start your company? 

I started 321 Ignition in December 2018 and we launched the product in June 2019.

WHY  are you innovating with this product or service?

Dealerships are being taken advantage of, from getting overcharged by competitors for a subpar product to incorrect design and technical development. Year after year, dealerships increase their marketing budget, and don’t see their ROI increase. Digital retailing has rapidly evolved, giving consumers high expectations when they visit a website to make a purchase. Dealerships need to elevate and evolve with the growing demand for a seamless, transparent and convenient online car buying experience online.

Covid-19 will continue to push the auto industry to focus on their online experience and we're ready to help them.

WHERE are you from?

I am originally from the former Soviet Union Azerbaijan and I came to America when I was a little girl in the early ‘90s with my siblings and my mother.   I currently live in Bellevue, WA.I fell in love with this area and its entrepreneurial energy after graduating from the University of Washington.


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