Helping women creators to make money

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Helping women content creators to make money

Who are you?

Diana Hickey, Founder and CEO of Cuebey.

What did you do?

I founded, developed and launched, a digital platform designed to help women content creators harness the economic value of their online content. Cuebey allows people to convene online communities, and market videos and other digital and downloadable tutorials, classes, courses, and products to earn fair compensation for their online content.

How did you do it?

With a lot of research, and plenty of trial and error. I spent over a year conducting market research, and connecting with women content creators to find out what their needs were and how those needs were not being met by other digital platforms. I also experienced my share of trial and error as I developed the product features that would best suit the needs of my customers.

When did you start your company?


Why are you innovating with this product or service?

As an engineer and patent attorney, my entire educational and professional background is built upon the economic value of ideas. What are they worth? What kinds of ideas hold value? How do you secure that value? These are my areas of expertise.  And yet, everywhere I looked online, I saw women creating fantastic, valuable content, and then giving that content away for free.

Online videos, tutorials and other marketable content usually require a considerable investment in time and money first to acquire the skills the content creator wants to share and then to create engaging, high quality content. Meanwhile, opportunities to earn a return on that investment are few and the chances of finding one are remote.  If someone has millions of followers, then perhaps they can attract a large corporate brand for a partnership. But if their following is small or mid-sized then they get almost nothing.  I created Cuebey to change that. I wanted to give women content creators an opportunity to market their content themselves to earn fair compensation for the work that they’ve put into creating and sharing useful and valuable content.

Where are you from?

United States 


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