High End Eco-Friendly Clothing

Brands That are On-Trend and Helping the Planet

Humans are complex beings; we can simultaneously want conflicting things, like staying at the forefront of fashion but also not wanting to harm the Earth's precious resources. Luckily, there is a solution to this fashion struggle. There are many high-end eco-friendly clothes companies that are not only stylish but also better for the planet. So, in this case, you can have your cake and eat it too or better yet, have our runway looks while going green. These companies will have you looking chic and feeling great about supporting a good cause.

Carcel- This brand is based in Copenhagen, but their clothing is made in Peru. Carcel's clothes come from 100% sustainable materials, such as baby alpaca wool. The designs are purely Danish, and each piece is hand-crafted by female inmates. They give uneducated and impoverished women a skill and a fair price for their work. Carcel is a company that is socially responsible and eco-conscious.

Bestowed- Locally made and organic womenswear are created by this unique Australian label. Each piece is made from organic cotton that is vegan-friendly. Bestowed works to eliminate their carbon footprint by minimizing waste, utilizing solar power in their facilities, and using rainwater to rinse textiles during the creation process.

Fake Natoo- Old clothes get new life by being recycled into new, trendy gear. Designer Zhang Na has an eye for style and a passion for the relationship between people and clothes. Her brand not only upcycles wasted clothing and textiles, but she also hires migrant workers to give them an opportunity to improve their lives.

Heisel- Technological advancements meet sustainability with the innovative designer, Sylvia Heisel. She uses 3D printing to eliminate all waste when making new clothes, causing her brand to be sustainable for the future. She has also used organic cotton and recycled textiles in her designs. Heisel's goal is to incorporate fashion and wearable technology into her clothes.

Feral Childe- Two designers collaborated to make this sustainable brand that uses only natural fibers, upcycled textiles, and buttons made from natural sources. The brand avoids waste by donating excess materials to schools, recycling facilities, and local craftsmen. Feral Childe creates their clothes at the garment factory in NYC.

The world we live on has been suffering from many years of waste, but as people have become more aware of our impact on the planet, it has become important to choose what we buy carefully. High-end eco-friendly clothing brands use sustainable materials and practices to eliminate waste, reduce carbon footprints, and empower underprivileged people. By reducing waste, landfills will not be as full of discarded clothes and textiles. When we want to keep up with trending fashion with a clear conscious selecting eco-friendly brands is the way to go. Each purchase supports a growing industry focused on fashion and the betterment of the Earth. We can wear sustainable clothes to look edgy and amazing all with a warm, fuzzy feeling of doing something good at the same time. Now that's a winning combination.

Bio of the writer:

Craig Scott is the editor at LuxAuthority and is trying to balance both his budget and his credit card balance. He likes to live lavish and treat himself when the opportunity allows it. He loves the newest technology, old cars, and the smell of rich mahogany and leather bound books as well!