IEVA MEZULE fashion designer from Latvia: a futurist vision of fashion world

Born in Riga, Latvia, Ieva Mezule graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, with a BA in Painting  and an MA in Fashion. "It is important for me to create things without crushing the boundary between art and fashion. The story has an important role in creating something new, it defines the need to understand the depth of the whole," she says.

Ieva Mezule's vision is a new point of view for all of us. It is a look through the keyhole of the future.

"Once life on earth disappears, the main character - man, will go to seek a new shelter. It will be a different planet… maybe one where he will be able to learn something new...It will most certainly not be as green and full of life, because he once had one like that... The planet will create new lights, dark spaces, a horizon, where one can see himself differently. Spend time thinking about how to survive and not use up the planet," she says.

The new human characters will interact and adapt to the new environment. Their outer appearances will reflect the planet's surfaces, its darkness and light. Every character is his own matter, light and dark. In some costumes the light will be visible more, in others less.

The collection “Othersphere” consists of eight main characters, which conceptually grow bigger in form and darker in color gradation, symbolizing power and mutual balance. These characters want to be in harmony with the environment they exist in.

Fashion is painting and architecture. When creating fashion, Mezule sees it as an architectural form and space, which is to be filled with color. Mezule sees the characters, each as an art piece to be polished to the smallest detail, just as with a painting. That way when creating the collection "Othersphere" Mezule wanted to achieve clean form of the silhouette and a balance in colors, that way creating a harmonious composition. The conceptual meaning of the collection associates with an other sphere /dimension, a thought up space, where eight human-like characters try to see themselves in a different way, also finding a way to survive by not destroying everything around them.

The character of Ieva Mezule collection is man, who could be a sacral creature, for example a monk from a futuristic planet. He has a bright mind, charisma and goodness. An essential aspect of the collection is the way the fabrics are made. Monochromatic colors with different tonal gradients. Collection characteristic lines lie in minimalism, conceptualism and the deconstruction of fashion design. The process of preparing the fabrics is hand work, each piece of the fabric is hand painted, and the pieces are finished with a decorative line work, highlighting the constructive structure of the silhouette.

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