Inexmoda transcended the digital world

Colombiamoda 2020

Colombiamoda 2020, a challenge taken up by Inexmoda that transcended the digital world

August 2020. Inexmoda continues its mission to transform the fashion business and connect it with the market, it supported the Textile-Clothing industry and the Fashion System with Colombiamoda, the Digital Fashion Week, that from its new format evolved as a commercial platform maintaining its very essence and with a new consciousness, adapted to the current reality.


Business in Colombiamoda 2020 took place at where 455 brands from countries such as the United States, Brazil, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay, among others, and from Colombian regions such as Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Santander, Valle del Cauca and Norte de Santander met through the business platform with 3,200 buyers.

A management made thanks to ProColombia, strategic ally of Inexmoda.

From July 27 to August 6, date that was extended by Inexmoda in order to give more time to the participants to continue meeting virtually with the bidders and buyers, will be the space for participants to continue holding specialized business and relationship meetings within Colombiamoda 2020, thus activating the economic dynamics of the industry. To date, nearly 4,400 appointments have been made, highlighting mainly categories of interest such as: Accessories, Clothing, Textiles, Biosafety and Footwear. ProColombia, a strategic partner of the event for the contact with international buyers, led meetings of relations between Colombian suppliers and international buyers, creating commercial links to encourage the exports of the industry.

"The garments with the highest demand have been underwear, sportswear, casual clothing, pajamas and beach clothes and the countries that have participated most have been those of the Caribbean, the United States and Ecuador, with a cut to Tuesday, August 4. The strong response from foreign demand confirms that Colombia continues to position itself as a reliable supplier, even in the current circumstances. Buyers have given us positive feedback, having more days for business appointments and with very fruitful meetings, "said Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

Among the novelties of this axis, the participation of brands with products oriented to Conscious Fashion (33%), Biosafety (20%), Protection (17%) and Economic Textiles (3%) was highlighted, reaching Colombiamoda 2020 with interesting proposals according to the current needs of consumers. The attendees of the business axis also had the opportunity to be participants of the Forum of Trends, which, for this occasion, was carried out in a digital way offering 29 conferences corresponding to the season Autumn-Winter 20/21, connecting in the same platform to about 5,100 people, who, in addition, could know from the bidders of Colombiamoda 2020, the 200 textile samples and inputs that were exposed through resources such as photographs.


In the 31st edition of the fair, the general public has had the opportunity to buy at the event since July 27 with the Online Store Marketplace made in alliance with Free Market, where 85 Colombian brands participate with their different product categories such as Feminine, Masculine, Intimate, Beachwear, Footwear, accessories among others.


The Knowledge axis of Colombiamoda was lived in a completely digital format where different spaces were created to update the fans of the Fashion System. One of them was the Pavilion of Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge, made with the academic partner of the event, the Pontifical Bolivarian University, which for this occasion was focused on the topics: trends, business model, digital transformation and sustainability. In total there were 27 conferences of experts from Colombia, the United States, Spain, Mexico, France, among others, who connected with about 74,000 visitors, highlighting the participation of countries such as Colombia, the United States, Ecuador and Peru, who lived these conferences from different digital platforms such as and social networks.

In addition, Inexmoda, created a new space for Colombiamoda 2020 that, in keeping with the mission of the Institute, sought that the public could apply knowledge to their business or their personal life, so as a novelty, they had 5 Master Class, 15 workshops and 21 expert advisors, activities that allowed nearly 2,000 people to be trained according to the different topics that made part of this edition, counting with contents such as consumer, fashion trends, digital marketing, sustainability, among others. 


Colombiamoda, The Digital Fashion Week featured 18 Stagings and 31 Entertainment activities that were accompanied by fashion, trends, wellbeing and culture. The brands presented creative proposals that covered various concepts, such as video games, fashion films, the golden years, the Amazon and even the phases of the moon. The dynamics of fashion in the 31st edition of Colombiamoda was adapted to the context that lives the world, so following the strategy See Now Buy Now, the brands and designers sought to generate emotion through their proposals and immediate connection with the online sales platforms of each brand, which were available immediately after the release of the fashion staging.

AVON, for the third consecutive year was commissioned to fill with color and style the Fashion Staging, evidencing through makeup and styling the trends for the season. Designers such as Guio Di Colombia, Lugó Lugó and Andrés Pajón and industry representative brands such as Leonisa, Mercedes Campuzano, GEF, Punto Blanco, Vélez and Chamela, took part in this exercise. Also the collaborations were highlighted within this edition, where proposals were perceived between alliances such as Diego Guarnizo and Avon Foundation for Women; Banco de Bogotá and Pink Filosofy, Arkitect and Beatriz Camacho. Below you will see the fashion films from the brands: Pink Filosofy and Beatriz Camacho.

Nearly 79,000 visitors were connected, from Thursday, July 30, to Saturday, August 1, to the different transmission spaces of the fashion axis through and social networks.

This is how Inexmoda will continue working to empower and promote Colombian design, entrepreneurship, exports and the training of future professionals in the industry, through projects that will be carried out by national and international entities that have the same purpose as the Colombian Institute: to support an industry with high potential that deserves to be reported to the world.