Jack Storms' Magnificent Glass Sculptures

World-renowned artist, Jack Storms

Jack Storms is a natural-born artist whose passionate art is world-renowned.

He is considered a warlock in sculpting “out of this world” phenomenal crystal art in futuristic rainbow colors.

In his younger years, Storms worked for a glass artist, who experimented with combining lead glass and dichroic glass, using a cold glass process. Storms became fascinated by the potential of combining different materials, creating a whole new substance of glass fibre.

In 2004, Storms opened his own studio, StormsWorks, in Los Angeles, a place where he could delve deeper into the process, spending time creating perfection by dedicating numerous hours to the refined procedure of his creations, where time is of the essence.

With effort and precision required, it is like a surgical procedure, where each piece is cut to put dichroic glass between, then glued, and then repeated several times.

Storms' sculptures have found their way into celebrity homes, and were featured in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movie. He was also commissioned to create specific pieces commemorating historical events, like a glass baseball bat for Derek Jeter's 3000th hit, the Firemen's Bell sculpture for the City of Pleasanton Firehouse Arts Center in California, a gift to the president of Nigeria in honor of the opening of Africa's first blood bank, and many more to come.

Storm most recent project is “Rise and Shining“, which is a collaboration with his brilliant wife Vivian; a jewelry design.

Check out Jack's Art at https://jackstorms.com

Or request a studio tour, by appointment only.