Jalisco Talent Land-Guinness World Record

The largest mathematics class in history.

In many industries and countries, most of the occupations with the highest demand did not exist 10 or even 5 years ago. 65% of children who attend elementary school this year will end up working in positions that do not yet exist.

In determining decisions about the location of work, 74% of the companies surveyed by the World Economic Forum overwhelmingly prioritize the availability of qualified local talent as their main consideration. A war will start for the capture of Talent in the world.

Jalisco Talent Land is a project that aims to create more talent adapted to the needs of current and future jobs. Develop and guide young people in Mexico to identify the topics that have a great future and become the talent that companies will need in the coming years.

It is about making thousands of young people well-paid jobs that allow them to have a good quality of life in their country and stand out as a place to attract smart investments because they get the talent they need.

Jalisco Talent Land will gather from April 22 to 26 at Expo Guadalajara, Mexico, more than 30,000 Talent Youth of the country to live surrounded by more than 1,700 hours of content spread over 7 thematic lands: Developer Land (Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Big Data) Creative Land (Design, Transmedia, Fashion) Business Land (ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship), Iron Land (Robotics, Drones, Energy, Industry 4.0), Block Chain Land (Crypto currencies, Fintech), Gamer Land (e-Sports, Virtual Reality) and the new incorporation by the Government of Jalisco through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Agro Land that presents a modern field, with technology that makes it more productive, with the aim of making the new generations of Talents fall in love with the field as the place where to develop entrepreneurship and high impact businesses.

Two Guinness Record will be developed: The largest math class with more than 5,000 simultaneous students taught by the famous teacher Julio, a YouTuber that has more than 3 million followers and the largest class of software based on Artificial Intelligence with more than 1,000 students.

The Jalisco Talent Land event takes place thanks to the support of the Government of Jalisco, the municipalities of Guadalajara and Zapopan, various universities such as the University of Guadalajara, ITESO ,UNIVA, dozens of sponsors such as Bosch, Intel, Adobe, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Megacable, Johnson Controls or IOS Offices and various strategic partners such as IAB Mexico, Fundación Televisa, Startup Weekend, Inroads or eCommerceMX.

For more information www.talent-land.mx