Laurel DeWitt

Wearable art; a truly unique fashion designer
Model Wears Laurel DeWitt Accessories (Photo Credit: Lindsay Adler)

Laurel DeWitt is a Brooklyn-based artist and a self-taught metal designer. Like her father, she went to one of the best art schools in the country,  the Pratt Institute School of Art, where she learned draping, pattern-making, and more. What she didn't learn there was how to turn metal into dresses.

DeWitt was introduced to metal by her father, a builder. He has supported her throughout her journey in fashion design. For Laurel's graduation, he sent her a box of metal that she made a bra out of. This was what kicked off her design concept. DeWitt hand-crochets every single piece in metal. This takes hours of work and can cause a lot of hand and shoulder pain.

Every single piece is unique and for every show, the pieces are fit to each model. Before each show, DeWitt sits deep into the Brooklyn forest, and creates these fairytale pieces.In Coldplay's music video, Beyonce can be seen wearing DeWitt's colorful flower crown. Celebrities come to her for that statement, personalized, eye-catching piece of art. DeWitt is known for having the piece that makes everyone wearing it look like a queen out of a fairytale.

DeWitt is inspired by the Brooklyn vintage and avant-garde scene. However, her seasonal collections always have a new, timeless theme. All her designs are amazing, wearable, art piece. The themes span from a Game of Thrones-inspired collection in gold and silver metals to illusional, colorful flowers. Her last collection was definitely more rock n' roll, where she mixed metal with jeans and leather.

DeWitt's artistic accomplishments are apparent in her ability to mold metal into sexy, flexible, and beautifully wearable pieces.

For each show, personal celebrity stylist Lisa Craig Smith, fits every design to the model, adjusting the metal chain for a perfect fit. 

DeWitt's collections span from clothing to handbags, jewelry, and art pieces. Who would not want to own a one of a kind fashion art piece? However, her metal clothing designs are at the high-end of the price range. For that special occasion, there are beautiful and affordable accessories available for everyone.  

Laurel DeWitt's ensembles have been worn by some of the most celebrated pop icons, from Khloe Kardashian to Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose and many more. She has also designed for such famous name brands as Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein, among others. Her designs have also been published in magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, ELLE and Cosmopolitan

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