Lights – Camera – Fashion!

The evolving love affair between lights and fashion shows.

It is no secret that light is playing an increasingly important role in fashion. This is true for planning a shop, decorating a window, and especially for producing a fashion show.

Although it is hard to detect where and when the love affair between lights and fashion shows began, Gianni Versace was well known for being a big fan of placing his supermodels in a piercing spotlight of icy-blue flash-like lights. This became a signature of his, and runway images from Versace shows always stood out and were easily recognizable.

Atelier Versace AW94

When John Galliano took over the helm at Christian Dior, his show productions quickly included mood-setting light shows. The incorporation of lights was rapidly included in his other lines as well. Among the most noticeable of these was John Galliano SS10, where a laser tunnel framed the walking models, and slowly dropping smoke-filled bubbles burst when the models touched them or they hit the ground.

John Galliano SS10
Christian Dior Haute Couture FW03

Recognizing social media as one of the primary channels of communication, the use of viral marketing has equally increased. Interested in fashion or not, an impressive light-installation has the possibility of intriguing many social-media-savvy people to share “cool” videos from fashion shows.

Ralph Lauren and Alexander McQueen have taken the show-stopping light show idea a step further and wowed audiences with an impressive Kate Moss-hologram and 4D-mapping display, signalling that technology is already an incorporated part of the fashion industry

Alexander McQueen AW06
Ralph Lauren, 10 years of digital innovation.

—now the industry needs to figure out the best way of utilizing the possibilities. Saint Laurent has already made it their trade mark to open their men’s shows with impressive light installations.

Saint Laurent, mens SS16