Lizet Esquivel Welum LatinAmerican Partner

Meet and learn about Lizet Esquive

 Welum Partner, Lizet Esquivel, is Mexican, Catholic, and passionate about fashion and travel. She has a master's degree in international communications and is very social, which has resulted in a lot of friends, so she likes to go out and spend time with family and friends.

Lizet got involved in Welum in July 2017, when she met Brit, the founder of Welum, at the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival. Brit talked about the designer Ann Wiberg and a fashion film they made together and explained about the project. Lizet liked what she heard, so that September, she decided to work with Welum.

For Lizet, being conscious is being responsible for your own life without blaming others, and creativity is inspiration to create new things. What inspires Lizet the most is travel, love, nature, the kindness of people, and fighting for her dreams even though the future is uncertain.

1) What do you do?

I am a fashion PR consultant in Mexico, where I live, but I have business partners in the USA, UAE, Spain, and Finland, so I can help my clients expand through the world. I also teach literature and Spanish at a private high school .

2) Why do you do it? And why do you work as a Welum partner?

I teach because it is my way of making this planet a better place. When my students learn the importance of art, in this case, literature, some of them tell me that I inspire them to do their best, and there is no better reward. In the case of fashion, fashion is my biggest passion in life, and I am not talking about how to dress nicely. It is beyond that, it is about the industry and how important it is for the world economy. Besides, I think it is a universal way to connect with the world. We cannot speak the same language around the whole world, but fashion bring us together. I joined Welum because I think it is an interesting and different project. I want to gain international experience, it may be good for my resume, and it can bring new job opportunities for me.

3) What is your proudest accomplishment?

It is difficult to pick one, but one of the newest is to work with a business magazine in Mexico called ENTREPRENEUR to publish an edition about the business of fashion. It was my idea, the editor believed in me, and three months later I saw it printed. Also when I met the princess of Dubai, Hend Al Qassemi, face to face and we had a private meeting that resulted in me helping her with a special project.  In the case of Welum, it could be bring new writers who are experts in specific subjects that are in vogue.

4) What is your favorite quote or life motto? 

My favorite quote is: "If I have seen further, it is because I have leaned on the shoulders of giants, it means that being visionary is not free,  being around successful people help me to learn faster  and go beyond."

5) What three things can you live without?

Three things I think are not necessary in my life are:  junk food, pollution, and poverty.



6) What three things do you consider essential?

I can't imagine a life without hope or love, both are the motor of my life, and for business, I couldn’t live without my cell phone.

7) To where would you take a dream vacation/trip?

I haven't been to New York City, and I work in fashion, so this is unbelievable. I want to go to London and Milan too. After visiting the capitals of fashion, I would like to go to Tokyo, Monaco, and Switzerland.

8) About what are you passionate? 

My passion is fashion industry and traveling, especially traveling. It makes me feel alive.

9) What is the vision for your next project or creative endeavor?

What are your goals/desires? My next project would be my own business about fashion services, my goals is to make enough money to start my business. I would like to work at a fashion magazine and travel to many countries. I have a friend who has her own company and travels the whole year; that is the life I want for me.

10) Anything else you would like to tell us (such as number of languages spoken, are you a dual citizen)? 

Languages are very important, they help you communicate with the world and make you more intelligent. I am not very good learning languages, but I do my best. I speak English, Spanish (which is my mother tongue), and now I am studying French .For me, the most important thing is to respect the ideas or beliefs of others. Do not judge people who are different than me.