Luxury: Acquire It or Born With It?

A guest post by Daniela Cassab
Leather Jacket by DanCassab

Luxury has always been a controversy, and is sometimes seen as social inequality. This term varies in meaning because different cultures have other perceptions of what is luxurious. In the world today, this term has been framed by designers, architects, and social elite using it to engage consumers in buying. From my point of view, the extraordinary investment in time and making articles, furniture, and garments by hand is what gives value and provides an opportunity to grasp a breath of elegance and a feeling of well-being.

Time is precious, and the production of a luxury item takes a long time; the workers are artisans inspired by passion that mix materials and techniques that have to meet the demands of the market. Making luxury has to be out of the ordinary, exclusive in the detail and in the finishes. Top quality products are a must to reach the standards that make a five-diamond walking piece an object of desire. Innovation is also very important, since it breaks with a daily routine and sets new boundaries. Having a luxurious garment has always been aspirational; in a busy world, people are motivated by dreams of the sumptuous and the success that it signifies.

Some are born with luxury: it is a way of life, it is something that you inherit, or you acquire, it is a taste for having the best and valuing it. I used to simply watch people when I was a young girl and could tell who added additional value to the way they dressed or how they lived, and that made me realize that their clothes and their homes were luxurious and elegant. Although money is a point in this matter, not all expensive things are luxurious, because glamour and style have to be owned in your essence.

As I grew up, I could always tell an expensive material from one that was more affordable, and knew that it cost more because it had a softer and nicer feeling when you touched it. When it came to a garment, I could tell how well it was done. The same happened with a car, a house, or furniture. More than being avant garde, it is a matter of infinite details that go with glamour and elegance.

I entered the fashion business and started my own brand of leather jackets, DanCassab. Our priority is quality, and every piece is made of the best curated leather skins and then carefully finished by hand by Mexican artisans.

This is an example of a luxury item. It is simple but done with great care, and is made from the top materials that you can find in the market. It is a sense of indulgence, as if you are tasting something delicious and can feel it through all your senses. That is luxury for me.

Leather has always been considered a luxury material. It makes iconic pieces that we see in memorable movie scenes, in any rock concert, or worn by women and men that have good taste; every one of them has a classic jacket in their wardrobe. At DanCassab, we honor the work done by the artisans who day after day receive dozens of leathers, clean them, and put them together into pieces of art like sculptures. It is hard to top a classic biker, and ours has a gorgeous fit and has been cautiously labored.

DanCassab offers garments for men and women who love luxury, are sure of themselves, are empowered, and who also appreciate artisanal work. Cassab jackets are made from the best pieces of leather, of optimal quality, soft textures, with designs ranging from the classic to the modern. Each piece has its own personality, and is made by hand by Mexican artisans. For the brand, a jacket is an extension of the skin, a center stage piece that may be worn at any time of the year.

Written by Daniela Cassab - IG @dancassab - FB @dancassab