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Venus Chi, Founder of Bakebe


Venus Chi, the founder of Bakebe, has been long accustomed to the glamour and gluttony of high society.  From hosting fashion and food-related TV shows to being the master of ceremonies at high-profile events, she eventually became a professional food blogger, sampling all kinds of food under the sun.


Venus asked her friend, a professional hotel pastry chef, to help in designing the recipes originally. Her friend showed her each step required while Venus carefully transcribed the notes into engaging video content, embedding the tips given by the chefs. She broke down every single step to transform traditional baking videos online that lasts for more than 20 minutes, into 40 thirty-seconds videos per recipe. By breaking down videos into piecemeal steps, this allows for guests to replay videos a necessary until they have confidently completed the step at hand. This flexibility and convenience it especially enabling for first-time bakers. Given her professional background as a food blogger, Venus personally edited more than 400 clips over 8 weeks, all by herself without agency help. Venus invited all her friends, who mostly do not have any cooking nor baking background, to validate the process by following the app in baking their first cake. Thus, the Bakebe APP was birthed (or baked!) into reality.


Despite the opportunities, Venus actually enjoys homemade food the most, as it is typically made with love. With this philosophy in mind, she wanted to give everyone the opportunity to create something with their own hands for their loved ones, Bakebe was born. Bakebe is built upon the simple idea that creating something with own two hands, rather than buying, brings more joy. Bakebe focuses on baking as it is relatively easy to manage, and also modularly with mobility. Besides, who doesn't enjoy a little bit of sweetness once in a while... or all the time?. Venus envisioned that Bakebe would be a space that encouraged people of all ages to enjoy and experience the magical transformation of raw ingredients into delicious pastries, with as little stress as possible. By combining the expertise of professional baking experts with the Bakebe App self-guided video, Venus aims to create a learning system that will allow everyone to experience the joy of discovery and self-creation.


The first Bakeke concept store opened in late April 2018, sharing sugar high to more than 10,000 guests in the first year of operations. Bakebe’s second studio and flagship store will hold its grand opening on Aug 31st, 2019. With our company’s mission - to bake the world a sweeter place - Bakebe is thrilled to welcome both local and foreign guests alike, for a taste of DIY self-learning retail experience in baking.


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Venus’s Instagram: @venuschichi