Meet Birralee Paitson*

Welum Gallery Room Editor

We sat down with Welum Gallery Room Editor, Birralee Paitson, and asked her some questions about her life, what inspires her, and what her background is.

Birralee has been with Welum almost from the beginning. Although she is now Gallery Room Editor, she has been writing articles for Welum and covered Australia and New Zealand for many years.

What do you do?

I am a writer and editor of the Gallery Room at Welum.

I am a freelance copywriter and I also work for a fashion label in Byron Bay, Australia, where I contribute to sales and marketing. I have taught creative writing workshops at Southern Cross K12 High School and I am into writing poetry and mindless jumble in my spare time.


Why do you do it and why do you work as a partner at Welum?

I'm passionate about the arts and creative writing and I have chosen to base my work life around that. I'm continuously inspired by the creative and talented people around me and I love to write about different artist’s work. Welum has given me a platform to do this. I love what Welum represents and the diversity of the articles it showcases. I'm all about providing a creative media platform where artists from all nooks of the globe can showcase their work.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Being awarded with a Golden Key for being in the top 15% of my university, and having my articles published in print in the Welum books. Traveling the world alone. Being a fiercely independent woman.


What is your favourite quote or life motto?

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean, in a drop” ~ Rumi


What three things can you live without?

Television, high heels, plastic.


What three things do you consider essential?

Music, coconut oil, my laptop.


Where would you take a dream vacation/trip?



What are you passionate about?

All things artistic, freedom, nature, swimming in rock pools, dancing in the lounge room, delicious food, love, the wonderful world we live in.


What is the vision for your next project or creative endeavor? What are your goals/desires?

My next project is to source and showcase some talented up-and-coming artists for the Welum Gallery Room. My goal is to display an eclectic mix of different artists from around the globe. I would also love to publish a book of short stories and poetry.

You can also check out the video with Birralee here and see what is displayed in Gallery Room here.