Moritz Glik*

Clean contemporary design, meets sparkling sensuality

Moritz timeless jewelry, is like any naturally gifted artist, brought to life by his fascination for architecture & fine art, playfully well balanced with fine lines, soft colours & sparkling crystals stones, wrapped in a clean contemporary

The unique design is created for both men & women, & has a refreshingly large variety to choice from, in watches, rings, bracelets, earrings & necklaces, all in delightful colours, that shimmers like a glass of champagne.

There is something so clean, calm & peaceful over these creations, that it will mesmerize your eyes & bring a feeling of serenity to your soul.

Glik emerged on his creative path as a young boy, back in his hometown of Brazil.

He first created a handcrafted & successful shoe design in his home town, which quickly gained great success, then felt compelled to find his true fashionista identity & decided to move to New York city in 1991, to pursue further inspiration & growth.

His signature line by the name Kaleidoscope, is a lively creation of  shimmering gemstones, dancing by the wearer´s every move.

The unique design is held together by fine outer layers, while the inner part has a crystal clear depths, fulfilled with multiple little pieces of sparkling gemstones, visible through the glass, like a viewable, but protected treasure.

Moritz jewelry has caught the attention of many celebrities including first lady Michele Obama, & even Justin Bieber (comical or not lol). Often seen worn on the Red Carpet, as well as acknowledged by magazines like British Vogue & Cosmopolitan among many more.

He is also a two time winner of The Couture Show´s Best Diamond Piece Award in both 2009 & 2010.

To view more, please go to for more info & views of his unique designs for both men & women.

Or visit boutiques like these below( the full list can be found on Moritz webside).

Los Angeles


4847 Line Avenue
Shreveport, LA 71106
(318) 865-5658

New York


64 Trinity Place
New York, NY 10006
(347) 767 4975