New York Fashion Week SS18: Men's Day

Men's New York Fashion Week SS18
“Descendant of Thieves” by Dres Ladro

This year there was a new Location for the CFDA Men's New York Fashion Week as they partnered with Project NY for its 7th season. Project NY presented alongside with AgentryPR in a new venue, Dune Studios on Water Street, overlooking the East River. Dune Studios in New York City is a popular state-of-the-art photo studio that provides spacious different square footage sized studios.

With its new location and venue, the New York Fashion Week men's fashion presentations were displayed not only inside but also in the park, a park that is open to the public but yet is also private as it lies right in front of Dune Studios. Project NY also presented "Fashion in the Park," where the fashion show continued outside in the park while everyone enjoyed drinks, with live DJ Jasper Stapleton who played late '70s and early '80s music, and people played recreational games that made every adult feel like a child again.

This season the designer that made headlines, with a show-stopping artistic flair was the designer Dres Ladro, who presented his story,"Descendant of Thieves," with a gravitated title yet brilliant show, his designs went from button shirts with floral designs to bold stripes and jackets that are everyday clothing but with a new twist. Male models rotated slowing stepping into a rose gold metal cage where different color prints of masks dangled, making the illusion of disappearing the models' faces. Capturing the artistic format of the story, the Creative Director Matteo Maniatty explained,"Clothing in itself is a mask we put on every single day. It is one that attaches us to a certain tribe of people and ultimately influences how the world perceives us."

Ladro Designs attracts its male audience by designing its clothing with special features detailed and sewn into the clothing, making the clothes not just wearable but convenient and complimenting your entire wardrobe and accessories. In wanting to know more of its unique creations provided on its website, read their blog and you can also shop online and watch their short film.

With its top sponsors this season,  Casa Noble Tequila, Heineken Light, Essentia, Revive Kombucha, Lab Series, Oribe, Makeup Pro and Augment, Project NY not only made a Men's day appear effortless, but this season for Men's New York Fashion Week SS2018 was timeless, and graceful. Men's New York Fashion Week was also focused on the non-gender trend and brought fashion into artistic form while curating contemporary, modern, and yet classic designs catering to everyday men, working men, or men who just enjoy fashion and making their own style.

  • New York Fashion Week

    The Mask, of Descendant of Thieves, by Dres Ladro

  • New York Fashion Week

    "Descendant of Thieves'' by Dres Ladro Men New York Fashion SS 2018

  • New York Fashion Week

    "Descendant of Thieves" By Dres Ladro Men New York Fashion Week SS2018

  • New York Fashion Week

    Men New York FashionSS2018