NO to violence against women

The AVON Foundation presented a Latin American runway to say NO

The AVON Foundation presented a Latin American runway to say NO to violence against women

Avon and its Women’s Foundation inaugurated on July 26 the most important textile and fashion fair in Colombia and Latin America: Colombiatex + Colombiamoda 2021, with the inaugural catwalk "Mira de Nuevo", led by Colombian designer Diego Guarnizo accompanied by designers Annaiss Yucra, from Peru; and Cindy Castro and Paulina Anda, from Ecuador. A space that invited people to meet, reflect and raise awareness about the purpose of eliminating violence against women.

Renowned Colombian designers Silvia Tcherassi, Johanna Ortiz and Beatriz Camacho also joined this proposal of the AVON Foundation for Women by donating one of their creations to the auction with purpose.

"We are happy to have inaugurated this special edition of Colombiatex + Colombiamoda 2021 in the company of Diego Guarnizo and six talented Latin American designers, with a fashion show that not only broke the traditional dynamic of a single designer, but, from the collective construction, carried a strong message: Look again. An invitation to the collective consciousness and to reevaluate how we are treating ourselves among human beings. At Avon and its Foundation, we firmly believe that a better world for women is a better world for all people, "said Carolina Henao Restrepo, executive director of the AVON Foundation for Women.

More than 80 designs were presented in the inaugural catwalk of the Fair, held in the Great Hall of Plaza Mayor Medellín. The parade was developed in hybrid format: face-to-face + digital and TV, which allowed the inaugural event of the Fair to reach many more people not only in Colombia but in the world allowing the message of the Avon Foundation to have a greater reach.

As a novelty the catwalk closed with an auction with social purpose. The inaugural parade was not only the opportunity to appreciate firsthand the talent of great Latin American designers, but also, a space where moments full of talent, music, emotions and especially purpose took place. Attendees, face-to-face and virtual, enjoyed the exciting auction of 6 iconic pieces donated by Latin American designers, which raised 59 million pesos, assigned by the Avon Foundation to awareness and education campaigns to prevent violence against women. This initiative was made possible thanks to the participation of renowned entrepreneurs such as the Colombian Mercedes Campuzano and representatives of Distrihogar, Real Estate Report, among others. Prominent personalities from the show business and opinion leaders also participated.

This way, fashion and beauty became the opportunity to contribute to eliminate violence against women, by the hand of Avon and his Foundation for Women.

"To be with these powerful Latin American women co-creating the runway: Annais, Cindy and Paulina and that Beatriz Camacho, Johanna Ortiz and Silvia Tcherassi support us by joining the Avon Foundation Auction for me is the ultimate because it demonstrates the importance of working as a team to reach this higher purpose of saying no to violence against women".  Said Diego Guarnizo, Colombian designer.