Notable Nigerian Chefs and Nigerian Food

a round-up of the Nigerian food scene

In some ways, Nigerian food is all about passion. Cooking is amazing for all who find passion in the art; and even for those who are not passionate about the kitchen or its intricate techniques, having a pleasant meal is a satisfying and much-loved experience.

The Nigerian culture is diverse, with several ethnic groups, and within each ethnic group, diversity is established with several dialects, some that sound similar, and others that are very distinct. With all the difference in customs, dialects, clothes,o and culture, the absolute love for good Nigerian food is one and the same among Nigerians. Whether it’s pounded yam, starch, edikaiko, ewedu, banga, akpu, Amala, eba, or any other typical Nigerian food, the love of food is unchanged.

Cooking in Nigeria is unique and absolutely Nigerian; special attention is set on this aspect for the unassuming reason that every Nigerian simply has an abiding love for good food, especially when it is our Nigerian food prepared in our own matchless Nigerian way.

For these Nigerian chefs, food preparation is not only about making meals, but also creating delightful culinary masterpieces infused with creativity that satisfies not just the appetite or cravings, but that is wholesome, eye-catching, and instilled with fine aromas.

These Nigerian chefs bring beauty and life to the art, from preparing and serving exotic meals in five-star restaurants or hosting fan-favourite cooking shows on television and social media, to catering various socialite events. The following gastronomic artists and their brands are impressive and commendable:


The ex-Big Brother Nigeria housemate and brand ambassador for Payporte (an online shopping mall) is a master chef who got his big break almost immediately after he left the Big Brother Nigeria house in the early months of 2017, where the kitchen genius exhibited his culinary dexterity to the world.

The creative genius, like every other chef on this list, is very experimental with his recipes, except he takes it a step further and thinks further away from the box. For example, take Chef Miyonse’s luscious pancake burger, where he substitutes the buns on the burger for pancake. It is a risky move that paid off refreshingly.

All eyes have been on the loved Big Brother Nigeria housemate since the early months of 2017, and from the look of things, more eyes will be on the celebrity chef in 2018, as we can’t seem to get enough of this sous-chef and his wonderful recipes.


The Paris-based chef prepares delish Beef stew, Egusi soup (melon soup glazed with pumpkin leaves or bitter leaf) with kpormoh (cow skin), and okro soup with mackerel. Moi-moi, Jollof rice with fried plantain, pepper soup, Fufu (swallow) Amala, semolina, Eba (cassava flakes swallow) and many more Nigerian cuisines for Paris-based Nigerians who crave the unique taste of our Nigerian food while away from home.

We hope to see more of her delicious plates in 2018.


The culinary master is a food entrepreneur and founder of Cookie Jar, a fancy epicurean bakery that produces lip-smacking cakes and pastries for every party, event, and ceremony, and exciting pastries such as Asun pie, cupcakes, and more.

Chef Eros specialises in creating fancy dishes that are not merely fancy but healthy, tasty, and rich. For example, an elegant plate of fraiche, smoked garlic puree, Arugula salad, and tarragon oil. A sizzling plate of French toast, quail eggs, prosciutto, smoked chicken sausage, ginger capers, and jus parmiano.

Although the celebrated chef is not so Nigerian in the kitchen, he adds the African feel to his meals by serving meals wrapped in banana leaves and serving some African and Nigerian meals like jollof rice.

We hope to have more fancy munchies, cakes, and pastries from our celebrity chef, Chef Eros in 2018.


The serene and elegant MANDIES COCKTAILS is a brand that provides firmly bar catering and cocktail services for events such as birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, and lots more, the products of the elaborate brand selections from assorted cocktails to mocktails, the famous classic cosmopolitan, tequila, and a dash of creativity is added by including special themes to their services like couple’s special tiki-themed cocktails and lots of exciting drinks.

The fast-growing mobile bar is the endorsed bar for businessmen looking to impress their partners, and for party lovers just looking for some fun. Premium cocktail catering is the place to go.


The Lagos-based cake factory provides assorted cakes and pastries with lots of colourful designs for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, and other events.

The cake illustrious bakery creates tasty cakes with doting flavours, such as coconut, carrot, chocolate, ginger, and marble. Cakes are decorated with premium lettering and elegant piping, dripping chocolate, flowers, and lots of other exciting decorations. Say Cheese Cakes is simply the gift that just keeps on giving.


The culinary brand prepares pure Naija delicacy the Naija way in the United Kingdom. Freesia Foodies, like Chef Jess, prepare and serve Nigerian cuisines to Nigerians abroad.

The connoisseur kitchen also offers cooking classes and catering services.

Thanks to Freesia Foodies, Nigerians in the UK will continue to enjoy the unrivaled taste of our home food as they travel the world.


The Lagos-based Catering Creations provides home-cooked Nigerian dishes for pickup and delivery to its customers. After merely one year of being in business and supplying Nigerians with tasty munchies, the fast-growing food enterprise has fed Nigerians with countless flavoursome meals, such as yam pottage with fried plantain, turkey pepper soup, Oha soup, coconut jollof, pasta with fried plantain and spicy goat meat, fried rice and lots more.

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