A talent and an artist. A Polyhedral personality
Credit: Thomas Babeu Photographer

Odonchimeg was born and raised in Mongolia. In 2007 she moved to Prague where she lived for two years. Since 2009 , she has lived in Paris where she continues to explore her artistic attitude.

Art has been a passion that arose time and time again for Odonchimeg, and she frequented art school both in Prague and in Paris: in this city she has discovered a personal creativity that has given way to its own stronger expression.




Credit: Photographer Alyzee Omaly

Odonchimeg is an artist and she loves art. A natural-born painter with a deep creative attitude, she has made it her mission to discover new forms of expression. She has also acted as a model, working for Andrea Crews, Leclaireur, Naco-Paris, and Chiara Ferragni among others. However, a career in fashion has not been a priority in Odonchimeg’s life and she prefers not to place too much emphasis on her modeling career. Sometimes it seems as though she is creating a new person in front of the camera: deep like her mother-land, charming as the story of her country and sophisticated with a sense of mystery.




Credit: Photographer Alyzee Omaly





Credit: Courtesy of Odonchimeg Davaadorj



Credit: Courtesy fo Odonchimeg Davaadorj

“Visually my works are very related to human being, human body; their relations through body and space, expecially the female body, how it is evolved by time, how it has been changed by situations etc. as well as certain elements of nature. In one word, it is all about life, all things related with human experience is at the centre of my art.


Courtesy of Odonchimeg Davaadorj

When I create I try to make an image poetic; when a viewer sees my works, they can feel something deep inside in their mind. I try to represent some feeling hidden within each of us.

I like to practice many artistic expressions; I don't want to be limited by only one side of it. Even though drawing is my favorite form of expression, I do writing, sewing, make volume, performance, installation and so on."




Photographer: Maxime Chenet



Courtesy of Odoncimeg Davaadorj



Courtesy of Odoncimeg Davaadorj

Odonchimeg artistic performance:




2016: “Art Vision”, Q Art gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolie

2016: “Amours corps et âme”, galerie Le Magasin de Jouets, Arles, France

2016: “Mille feuillets VI”, galerie Ygrec, Paris, France

2016: “Salon de dessins érotique - SALO IV’’, galerie 24 rue Beaubourg, Paris, France

2016: Sélectionnée pour le PRIX ARTAGON II, Passage de Retz, Paris, France

2016 : ‘‘&” avec Ilka Kramer, Le Magasin de Jouets, Arles, France

2015 : “Mille feuillets V”, galerie Ygrec, Paris, France

2014 : “La Nuit Blanche aux Salaisons”, lecture de poésie, Romainville, France

2014 : “SALO - Salon du dessin érotique”, Salaisons, Romainville, France

2014 : “Mini salon”, galerie Inlassable, Paris, France

2014 : “Nuit de Chine, nuit câline, nuit d´amour”, exposition en appartement, Paris, France

2013 : “With God or not”, galerie Smaaks, Paris, France

2013 : “Tours et détours”, Le Carreau - Arts visuels, Cergy, France

2013 : “Urgence est belle”, exposition en appartement, Paris, France

2013 : “Mille feuillets III”, galerie Ygrec, Paris, France

2012 : “Mille feuillets II”, galerie Ygrec, Paris, France

2011 : “Certaines sont pas mal”, Le Carreau - Arts Visuels, Cergy, France

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  • Credit: Thomas Babeu Photographer