Omniagirls Amulets for your Loved Ones

Omniagirls reminds us the importance of family value

While an accessory is a fashionable decorative item, an amulet is an object that protects its owner.

Dating back to the age of the Roman Empire, natural philosopher Pliny the Elder described amulet in his Natural History as “an object that protects a person from trouble”. Omniagirls combines the two.

OMNIA's collection is divided into thirty-one themes with the very specific purpose of re-praising important values such as family, love, life, and wildness. The company endorses the importance and the duty of social responsibility.

Birth rates are trembling across Europe and Portugal has the lowest fertility rate in the European Union with an average of 1.23 children born for every woman of childbearing age.

The country's population has been shrinking since 2010, risking a serious economic crisis. OMNIA aims to encourage anyone to cherish the importance and value of family.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Portuguese jewelry company presents a variety of amulet collections in collaboration with charity organisation Aldeias SOS. Aldeias helps orphans reach an autonomous life and full integration into society. The two combined organisations aim to support children of different cultures and backgrounds and intend not to distinguish by race or gender. They are hoping to provide stable, secure and loving care in a family setting for children who have lost their parents or cannot live with their biological family. The drawings on the necklaces represents the concept of happy family. “The feedback of our customers couldn't be more positive, because they feel embraced with this emotional and family side”, says the PR manager Claudia Pinto.

Another collection launched in collaboration with the ASAS association of children. The idea of the collection symbolically represents dreams and sharing. The purpose of this collaboration is to play a small part in leading these children to never stop dreaming and have wings (ASAS) to fly by themselves and build their future. Silver or gold necklaces come in a pack of two; one for yourself and the other for your loved one. The pair of necklaces can be customised by choosing up to seven family members or animals to be engraved on 925 sterling silver or gold.

Omniagirls proposes not just an accessory to play with our vanity, but an amulet to protect our human values. In collaboration with associations such as ASAS and Aldeias, the collection was created to encourage everyone to cherish the value of family. While it is uncertain to what extent the collection will contribute to resolving the crisis of Portugal's falling birthrate, its ideas are a reminder of precious  nature of family.