Perfumes Created to Match Your Soul

Siper Perfumes matching your zodiac sign

As spirituality has awoken modern society´s consciousness, creativity has found the ultimate life source.

Alexandra Balahoutis, the creator of Siper Perfumes, tapped into that source, and developed an ancient-inspired, astrologic perfumery, tailored to match your zodiac sign like a spiritual glove; a scent that brings out the best in you, in terms of what supposedly appeals to your chakras.

The beautiful and atmospheric boutique was named after a line from Shakespeare´s Antony and Cleopatra: "From the barge, a strange invisible perfume hits the sense of the adjacent wharfs"

Botanical perfumes make just as much sense as organic food in a world that clearly needs purification.

The house is located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, in Venice, LA. However, her signature collection can also be found at Barney's.

Balahoutis spent four years studying the art of botanical perfumery, and her line is created without any use of synthetic notes or fixatives. She especially favors the use of hydro-distillation, rather than steam distillation, or in other words, chemical extraction methods

She became obsessed with the urge to create perfumes after realizing her love for aroma and passion for ideas. Balahoutis simply loved the way an aroma could summon a specific feeling or trigger an idea. This phenomenon is also used as a tool in neurolinguistic programming.

She found her mentor in Jack Steele, a botanical perfumer, expert in shamanic use of essences and a man full of philosophical vision and knowledge of archaeology and anthropology.

One of Balahoutis' personal favorites from her line, is the ethereal and sensual Galatea, which she originally created for herself.

The boutique in Venice balances its atmosphere in much the same way as Balahoutis balances her perfumes. Caught between modern and victorian, the boutique is luxurious without being too aristocratic.

Inside, you will find a shrine of perfumes, a " tasting " bar with hydrosols and sampling fragrances, and a lab with a sink for customers to use when trying on perfumes and creams.


A visit to Siper Perfumes is not only good for sampling the exquisite scents, it also offers a unique opportunity to meet their artistic creator, Alexandra Balahoutis.