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Joaquin Phoenix is an American actor who has become famous due to such films as Gladiator, Signs, and The Master. Most recently, the Phoenix appeared in The Joker. He played a central role. This role has become one of the finest in his creative career.

Real name of the actor is Joaquin Raphael Bottom. Joaquin Phoenix is what he came up with on his own when he was a four year-old boy. He was born in October 1974 in San Juan, the biggest Puerto-Rico city. His parents joined the God`s Children group in the 70`s. They were traveling in an old van across South America with their five kids. They changed their name to Phoenix when they left the troupe. Then, when the actor visited Mexico, he turned his name back. He was 15 years old at that time. Veganism only remained from their previous way of life. Joaquin is a vegan since he was three years old.

The actor spends tons of money on philanthropic work. He supports an animal rights organization. Being a member of In Defense of Animals and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), he starred in its new commercial calling to think about the suffering we inflict on living things.

In the video, Joaquin imitates drowning, thus trying to demonstrate the pain and suffering of fish being pulled out of the water.

In 2003, Phoenix became one of the participants in the documentary "Earthlings," which is about the need for an ethical attitude to animals and the environment. Joaquin considers this film the most significant in his work. He was awarded the Humanitarian Award of the San Diego Film Festival.

He drew attention not only to ethical attitude to animals but also the fact that the animals do not have a voice. He gave the animal that voice through the use of media and how he visual displayed the horror and the food industry`s back site.

Apart from that, he was a member of Lunchbox Fund providing healthy food for kids in poverty.

What characterize Joaquin philanthropic work is his energetic focus pushing the boundaries like he do as well in his manner of acting. But in a way that also display a lot of volubility and wish to make others conscious about their own abilities to make a difference.

Also, he is involved in volunteer work for the Peace Alliance, which is looking to provide with a cabinet-level U.S. Department of Peace.

There is one more interesting fact about Joaquin Phoenix. It is that he never takes pictures with his fans but prefers talking with them. 

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