Recovering up to 30% net revenue

Who, what, how, when, why interview


Mrs. Lorde Astor West

WHAT  did you do ?

Built a one-of-a-kind payments technology that will protect business revenue typically lost to fees, fraud, and friction in digital commerce.

HOW did you do it? 

After nearly 20 years developing custom software solutions from the ground up, my team and I deciding to transition to building platform solutions. In 2016 after about a year we were able to hand off our last client and then spent the next year focusing full time on building our proprietary framework. In 2017 we launched our first platform focused on B2B Agency solutions and a year later our second B2B platform for payments and digital commerce. Until 2018 we had financed our own development, bootstrapping over $250k of our own cash to build the technologies. Knowing that in order to safely scale the solution we would need a considerable investment we set out to raise our first million. Now in 2020 we are rolling out the first of its kind Surcharge as a Service app that will recover up to 30% net revenue typically lost to excessive credit card processing fees.

WHEN  did you start your company?

Originally I started my first technology company in 2003
My latest venture was developed in 2016 - 2017 and launched in 2018

WHY  are you innovating with this product or service?

Every year over a trillion dollars is lost to fees, fraud and friction due to an aging payments, and digital commerce infrastructure. Lost revenue continues to rise as consumers expect “on demand products and services” that today’s current payments and digital commerce platforms are not capable of delivering. That is why we are innovating with our product. Our technology makes it possible for businesses to serve customers the way they expect by providing technology that makes it possible for businesses to create custom payments experiences that recoup excessive credit card processing fees, eliminate shopping cart abandonment due to friction in the payments process, and stop fraud with smart technology that recognizes fraudulent behavior across networks.

WHERE are you from?

Phoenix Arizona


Fintech, Payments, Merchant Services, Ecommerce, Digital Commerce