Colourful sparkling crystals*

Reflections Copenhagen

Reflections is a Danish contemporary design brand developed by two electric spirits, Julie Hugau & Andrea Larsson.

It began with a shared quest to discover what passion and daily satisfaction meant for a happy and fulfilling life. They decided to intertwine ideas, and from that, Reflections was born, challenging the traditional styles and shapes of today's homes, for a more modern look.

Julia and Andrea said, "it is important to wake up happy each morning, in order to look forward to each day and everything that it brings, and we are lucky for our work to create joy.”

Thinking of crystal, something almost antique and royal comes to mind, with its clear glass and exclusive prize tag, but by now, it has developed into contemporary designs in our modern culture.

Reflections is made up of strong artful pieces made in edgy diamond cuts and colourful crystal glass, which reflects sparkling glass in warm colours, making them statement pieces in every inspirational designer homes, with tasteful pieces aimed towards both feminine and masculine reflection.

Among the wide range of items, there are diamond cut mirrors, crystal tables, candle holders, lamps, and even artistic rugs, making your home into a truly artistic clean cut art piece, one that will inspire any artist or creative professional to bring any colourful ideas or manifestations to form.

As both founders say, "anything in your life, is a reflection of a choice you made," and that brings understanding to the design name, bringing a two dimensional feng shui to the artistic designs, reflecting diamond cut dimensional and mirrored colourful facets to interior design.

The brand name, Reflections, gives true meaning to what these designs stand for.

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Rentemestervej 43
2400 København NV

Reflections can be found all around Europe, and is still expanding internationally, so make sure to look out for a store coming close to you.